Thursday, September 29, 2022

Joachim Henry ‘Was Not Carrying A Firearm’

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The wife of Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, Joachim Henry, says her husband ‘was not carrying a firearm’ on Saturday.

That’s the day when Joachim entered the SDA Church at Forestierre to confront his political rival, Guy Joseph.

Claudia Henry also made it clear that the police did not confiscate a firearm from her husband.

She made the remarks in a Facebook post on Sunday.

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And she recounted the events that led up to the SDA church incident.

Mrs. Henry recalled returning home to see her husband sitting alone.

She said he was at the tomb under construction in their backyard for their beloved son who died recently.

Mrs. Henry said her husband appeared heartbroken.

“Joachim told me that he had just learnt that our son’s name was being used in political messaging, among other slanderous statements,” she wrote.

She said the news angered them both.

But she said it is not in her husband’s nature to direct anger externally, until that Saturday when they learned that the death of their son was being used for political gain.

Mrs. Henry admitted to accompanying her husband in confronting his political opponent.

She said she wanted to express her grievances over the hurtful statements and disrespectful remarks.

Mrs. Henry assured her SDA brethren that God understands how her family feels at this time and that God is more concerned about a hurting family than a building.

“I make absolutely no apologies for my defence of my son’s honourable name,” she explained.

However she sincerely apologised to her Seventh Day Adventist brethren for any discomfort ‘our presence at the Forestierre SDA church may have caused last Sabbath.’

Mrs. Henry also requested continued prayers for strength for her family during this very difficult time.

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