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‘Joe Knows’ Out Of Hospital: ‘God Has Delivered Me!’

Snake bite victim ‘Joe Knows’ was discharged from Victoria Hospital Saturday morning, singing the praises of staff at the health care institution.

The internationally acclaimed Saint Lucia Tour Operator has vowed to do all in his power to assist the hard working  nurses and doctors there to get needed equipment to perform their duties.

‘Joe Knows’, whose real name is Josiah Castang, told St Lucia Times that he would not wish his ordeal on anyone.

“I have survived after stepping on one of the most dangerous, poisonous serpents in the world – the fer de lance,” Castang asserted.

He recalled that a doctor told him that he was in God’s hands because 80 percent of the victims do not live to tell the tale.

‘Joe Knows’ was bitten by a fer de lance in Anse La Raye while visiting a waterfall

“I want to thank the hardworking staff of Victoria Hospital – I must put out a big plug for them; the nurses, the doctors, the caretakers did a fantastic job,” Castang told St Lucia Times.

“Big up Doctor Charles; Doctor Jason Tobiere and all the other doctors and nurses – Nurse Butcher, Nurse Anthony and all the rest of them.”

Castang said he remembers them by name because they became so close to him.

“I am telling you, unless somebody goes into Victoria Hospital, lies down on a bed and sees for themselves, they will not know how we are in a mess at Victoria,” the Saint Lucia businessman explained.

He said the antivenom he was given at the hospital worked, although it was not the right one for the fer de lance here.

“Luce and chance my body type with the power of the Holy Spirit – everything connected together,” Castang said.

“I literally watched from my big toe to my thigh – by my waist, just got big as a balloon – ready to blow up,” he told St Lucia Times.

He spoke of a battle in his body involving the snake venom and the anti-venom.

The fer de lance has been described as the most dangerous snake found in the Caribbean and Central and South America.
It is also known locally as the Saint Lucia viper.

“Somebody had to be there to see it – how serious that thing it. It’s deadly. It’s like acid inside of you – like fire,” Castang recounted.

“There’s nothing you can do but watch your life slip away from you,” he observed.

Castang issued a call for Saint Lucia as a nation and a people to decide what to do about the fer de lance.

The snake bite victim described the serpent as being ‘in our backyard.’

“It’s no longer in our forest – it’s in our backyard,” Castang declared.

He asserted that in terms of what befell him, everything that should not have happened occurred.

Swollen leg a few days after being admitted to Victoria Hospital

“It’s supposed to be an eye-opener so that we can all be on the same page,” Castang said.

“From the Forestry Department to the Ministry to the PS to the Minister to the Prime Minister to the police – everybody needs to be on the same page.”

Castang expressed the opinion that it’s time to look into having the fer de lance anti-venom not only at Victoria Hospital but elsewhere.

“If somebody needs it they should not have to run here and run there,” he told St Lucia Times.

Castang spent some eight days at Victoria Hospital after being bitten by a fer de lance while on a visit to a waterfall in Anse La Raye.

He was initially rushed to Tapion Hospital, but said that institution did not have anti-venom.

Castang acknowledged that there have been public awareness initiatives but he feels that the information is not reaching the masses.

“There is a lot of misinformation. Do we tie the tourniquet on the leg? Do we cut the leg and suck out the venom? I mean – what do we do? Some are saying ‘No’ some are saying ‘Yes’. We need to have proper dialogue on this matter,” the victim told St Lucia Times.

He is of the view that God chose him to be the one for the mishap to befall, knowing that ‘Joe Knows’ is a brand.

“My people follow me like they follow Jesus,” he told St Lucia Times.

He recalled that there was a virtual traffic jam at Victoria Hospital.

“The people that came to see me and the people who were moved and who cried and who thought I would die and lose my leg – it was that serious,” he recalled.

Castang expressed gratitude to all who came to see him and prayed on his behalf.

“God has delivered me and I am here at home just trying to recover,” he stated, while observing that he is not yet out of the woods.

“I am thankful – very, very thankful,” he stated.

He said everyone was amazed at his recovery and how the swelling went down.

“Only my foot is swollen. It’s as big as your head at present,” Castang said.

He disclosed that the doctor has informed him that in time, the swelling will go down.

Castang said he is looking forward to a full recovery.

“More so than anything else I want to say to the people – to the nation that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. We have to begin to think about what we are going to do about Victoria Hospital,” he stated.

Victoria Hospital A&E Department

Castang asserted that the hospital is in a mess.

He explained that the nurses are working under difficult conditions.

“They don’t have bed sheets; they don’t have pillows; they don’t have beds,” Castang lamented.

He told St Lucia Times that the doctors cut his leg in both sides to allow his muscles to ‘breathe’.

However he said that there was no antiseptic to clean his wounds.

“There was no white vinegar at Victoria while I was there and I had to get one of my staff to go and buy me a gallon to clean my wounds. By the time I made a clarion call, I had about four gallons under my bed,” Castang said.

“No joke. I am speaking the truth – while I was there they had to take from by stock to help other patients.”

“We need help at Victoria Hospital and I don’t care whether you are Yellow, Red or Blue – our people are suffering and dying and we need to rally around Victoria – that’s all we have for now and we might as well invest in it,” Castang exclaimed.

He said that once he gets back on his feet he wants to throw a concert.

“I saw that happen in Jamaica with Shaggy and friends – every January they come and they throw a concert and they raise money for the Children’s Hospital and to help the children.”

“I feel I have enough friends in the events business and the DJ business that we can rally together to raise some funds to buy blankets and pillows and beds and whatever else Victoria needs to function, so that another Saint Lucian may not die; because it’s either you have or you don’t have,” Castang told St Lucia Times in a telephone interview.

He said on the bed next to him was a teacher who taught at the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary school.

“He got a stroke and it is embarrassing that the man is next to me and the man is suffering and none of his family or people came to see him and my wife and I, our hearts could not stand it because he taught my daughter in form one,” Castang stated.

“We shared what we had with him,”  he told St Lucia Times.

“But I am saying to you, if we don’t have how are we surviving? At least I can make do for myself. I am shocked and appalled that as a people, we have forgotten how to love each other and show mercy and compassion. I don’t know where we are going with all of this greed and power and stuff; but we need to go back to the basics where we used to love each other and share the little that we have,” Castang declared.

He vowed to raise funds for Victoria Hospital, promising that even if he has to so so by himself he will do it.










  1. So it wasn’t the doctors, nurses, modern equipment and medicine that saved you? Magic sky daddy did it!

    • That is not what he said! Given all of the things that went wrong in this incident and lack of proper supplies such as wound disinfectant, wrong anti venom and miss information, he believes that God had a hand in his survival.

  2. Thank God you are alive.god is glad they took good care of you en vantre vieux fam la(according to juke bwa)and yes vh needs help

  3. I hope your eyes are open to the real lesson there my bro come back to YAH that’s just the warning bite if you don’t repent and give your life back to the Eternal you might not be so blessed the next time YAh’s blessings on you and family speedy recovery COME BACK HOME

    • I am happy that you are doing better. However these are my suggestions…since there are deadly snakes in the island …the anti venom should be readily available at both hospitals.
      Time is of paramount importance with snake bites was the first hospital aware that you were on your way? If yes, why were you not informed that there was no anti venom there and that you should proceed to VH. Also you said that the anti venom you received was not for that specific snake …thank God it worked.

      Please follow up with the ship who will be there this week to ensure there is no infection brewing in your legs …1/2 loaf is better than none.

      I am not understanding why there are no sheets at the hospital and basic vinegar …what happens to the many contributions people are making from oversees. I know people who have provided barrels of sheets….where are they?
      Is there a materials management department? The people of St. Lucia need to put their priorities in order …use your own resources to help your homeland.
      Those with the million acres ..sell one and donate the funds to help…you all can come together those who can and give $5.00 a month in a fund to help your hospital.
      Please try to help yourselves it will benefit you all in the long run.

  4. I never know Victoria hospital suffering lime that,My heart broke while I reading your story,very sorry to read about what u gone through,May god bless u and ur family,if people have to donate to the hospital,Who can we contact,I live in England

  5. My good sir, I welcome the good news that you have survived the fangs of the nefarious Fer-de-Lance, a most dangerous species of snake found in Saint Lucia. While your praises are welcomed for your spared life, I will add that your spared life had nothing to do with god, for if, dear sir, you had stayed home and not seek medical attention immediately after being fanged, you would have surely perished and no god would have saved you. Therein lies the fallacy of the god and god believers. It was through the hands of the hard working Nurses and Doctors backed by evidence based science of anti-venom that saved your precious life. So sing the praises of the men and women whom you can see and touch, for they do deserve the homage, not some spurious figment of men’s imagination call god, for god does not exist.

    You do highlight, however, the plight of VH which I do hope the Government will ameliorate. Health is essential to a Nation’s productivity.

    • Keep your none sense to yourself. If you don’t believe that there is a God then that’s fine. But please don’t discourage others from believing.

      • Sensitive nerved Christian I presume…is that all u can contribute to the debate? Shout, scream, raise your blood pressure.. What does it matter… U still can’t disprove my simple argument in my post that so irritated you… This is so unbecoming you hypocrites…

      • @Annoyed

        So you believe Jonah spend 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the whale and survived? And you called me and idiot?

    • Cwiz my disillusioned brother. There are so many incidents that happen in the spiritual world that man and woman don’t protect us from. You to have been bitten by a snake.

      • @Ahayah Soldier,

        I have never been bitten by a snake, but what I know is, if a poisonous snake fangs someone, that person will surely die if medical treatment is not given within a window of opportunity and the administration of anti-venom.. No god will save that person who will sit by hoping for a miracle. That is a fact…So explain to me Ahayah this:

        – Jonah spent 3 days + 3 nights in the belly of a whale and survived? scientifically impossible.
        – Noah and 7 members in of his family were saved in a boat while a flood covered the entire planet? Is that plausible?
        – jesus christ born of virgin birth? scientifically impossible
        -Jesus christ walked on water, healed the sick, made the blind see? Scientifically impossible
        -Jesus christ raised Lazarus from the grave who was dead for 3 days? Scientically impossible
        -Jesus christ crucified, died then buried and rose 3 days later? scientifically impossible.
        The list could go on and on….
        The spiritual world that you refer too is nothing more than the concept of the unexplained that humans try to rationalize. But not because we don’t understand it means that it’s some supernatural or spiritual event… there is a rational explanation but we may just have not come across the answer as yet…..There are no ghosts, devils, boloms, suecouyon, lajahblesse, god …angels, flying withches…non such.
        They are all a figment of man’s wild imagination.
        I therefore challenge anyone to explain the above rationally so that people with lesser brains than myself could understand.

    • I bet you feel so powerfool and enlightened when you spout your beliefs. Walking around to big for your over inflated ego. There is still hope for you brother. Or else you will have the surprise of your eternal life.

      • @ Blessed Love

        On the contrary and you have surely lost your bet.. However, I am not as gullible to drink of the religious bile without challenging the status quo . Unlike so many others who follow like sheep blindly. And one could easily identify those. They are usually the ones who get offended when their beliefs are put in the spotlight.. their nerves are easily pinched…they are uncomfortable being challenged… they don’t think rationally, they don’t think with reason but will believe stories that has occurred many thousands of years ago without scientific evidence or actually interrogating the evidence…. these are the one who don’t think for themselves. It shows poor and weak personality traits. well I can defend and stand by my beliefs and with strong scientific evidence at that…… It’s up to others to stand by and defend theirs. Not sitting behind computer language of ones and zeros throwing insults..

  6. Very inspiring story. All the best to you. God’s richest blessings! I do admire your call to action for Victoria hospital, let’s make it happen!

    • So “God’s richest blessings” don’t do much for the millions dying in abject poverty and hunger.
      21st century folks. Please stop believing in medieval fairy tales. Stop teaching your children the same nonsense.

  7. An interesting account of life saving measures and the dedicated work of our Health Care Workers,. There is a reason for every thing that happen under the sun, we mortals sometimes just do not understand but the lesson is there. Joe you are the Messenger and through you the people have received, whatever is done afterwards is up to the people. Either it is well received, or rejected. Blessings.

  8. Bravo to the all the effort that was made to the survivial of the popular man.
    Hope this extra effort will be exerted with any other individual.
    Sorry to say;right now i am terrified of needing any type of service at the said hospital.
    Still in pain after a very sad ordeal. Until now, i haven’t received a call from officials of the hospital to show empathy. Sir be thankful and praise ye lord. The doctors and nurses were by your side perhaps they were in the right mood or could it be its because you are well known… lord have mercy. Sigh.

  9. SNAKE BITE: Snake bite First Aid Treatment. When a snake bite occurs; apply a toniqua/tie above the wound as tight as possible- 2) Cut open the bite with a sharp knife/razor blade. 3) Apply salt to the cut 4) Keep leg elevated until ambulance arrive 5) Remember to REALISE the toniqua every 15 minutes for safty purpose

    • Were did you get that from .why would you elevated the leg. Would it not make it easier for the venom to circulate to the heart. My critical thinking tells me bad idea.

      • The person idea wrong but it’s right smh people just be thankful and look at what we can do in the future to better the situation.

  10. The two things that stood out were the support that people gave you. Obviously, you have touch many llives Joe Knows. Another point that stood out for me is the part where you said, “I don’t know where we are going with all of this greed and power and stuff; but we need to go back to the basics where we used to love each other and share the little that we have,” These words are so touching. I always say that we should Care and Share. I hope people don’t wait until you have a concert to start giving. So,me have piles of linen in their closet that they will never use again, maybe they should consider giving some to the hospital. And if each person picks up a few extra supplies, and take them to the hospital, they can make a huge difference. All the best and God Bless.

  11. You chose this opportunity to espouse your ‘no God’ belief. This was not the essence of the report. Keep quiet and wait for an appropriate forum.

  12. I am happy you’re doing good and I support your ideas for Victoria hospital. I have seen the work shaggy and friends do in their country as well they raise alot. I know you can do it I will do my part. St.lucia we love we must rise Ashe’

  13. Were did you get that from .why would you elevated the leg. Would it not make it easier for the venom to circulate to the heart. My critical thinking tells me bad idea. DONT ELEVATE

  14. Folks are constantly donating to VH …however who is doing right seems like the stuff goes into the wrong hands…where is the accountability?
    I saw where some folk came down earlier this year. They used their own funds, paid their way, paid their hotel/housing and in addition brought tons of supplies, book bags, clothing etc. and made a significant contribution to a school in Laguerre, Barboneau which was beautiful.

    Transparency like that project is what is needed in St. Lucia for VH. I don’t think they did it for anything other than love for fellowman and country because they could have kept their money. I don’t think any member of the St. Lucian government or leadership even took a second to say “thanks” to those individuals…it’s a crying shame.

  15. I’m happy that Josiah was able to survive this ordeal. He’s rather fortunate. However the bigger picture for me is this. Him being bitten was no accident. He’s obviously a vessel being used to convey a message and to initiate a solution to an obviously deadly threat. Forget about hospitals stocking anti venom. Why on earth don’t the tour guides who visit these parts REGULARLY, carry a pouch or first aid kit containing anti venom. That’s what proactive tour operators would do. All of your staff Josiah, should be trained in administering this life saver. All of boats or trucks or whatever vehicles used in your tours should carry anti venom. Point Blank. St Lucia needs to become more proactive on many levels. We’ve got many intelligent people. Just get proactive.

  16. Big up family thank God you’re ok….on de other hand chasnet and his boys doing endless useless spending puting horse race track building golf courses and our health care system is in a mess…..dem men have to get out….don’t care who comes in just want a government the can make a difference again who feels it know should make it mandatory when chasnet and co and family when not well they have to visit the v h……..

  17. Joe Knows said that people follow him like they follow Jesus! What an arrogant statement to make. No wonder Jesus sent a serpent to bite, torment and test you but you still not humble in your choice of words. Who are you to compare yourself to Jesus?
    Joe Knows knows not and knows not that he knows not because he is a…………..

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