Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Jounen Kweyol: Pierre Makes Stay At Home Appeal Due To COVID-19

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has called on Saint Lucians to stay at home with their family and close relatives to celebrate Jounen Kweyol because of COVID-19.

In a message in Kweyol with English subtitles to mark the occasion, he asserted that a sacrifice today would bring a better tomorrow.

“This year, we have to make a little sacrifice – a sacrifice for yourself and your country,” he stated, noting that under normal conditions, people would have been having a big Jounen Kweyol celebration, selling food by the road and enjoying themselves.

“But we cannot because of COVID,” Pierre declared.

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The Castries East MP acknowledged that this is a difficult time. He noted that many had lost their lives and jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are fighting COVID. We have to beat COVID, and if we don’t make that sacrifice, we will not win the war,” Pierre explained.

As a result, he appealed to the public not to venture into the streets or sell food by the road  as is customary during Jounen Kweyol celebrations.

“For this year only, and the coming year, we will have a good Kweyol Day,” Pierre said.

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