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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm
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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm

Journalist Rehani Isidore ‘Continues To Fight For His Life’

The Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL), through its President, Miguel Fevrier, has issued the following statement on the recent hospitalization of Journalist, Rehani Isidore.

The statement is reproduced below:

The Media Association of Saint Lucia over the weekend learned of the hospitalization of HTS/Radio 100 Journalist and Presenter Rehani Isidore.

As our colleague continues to fight for his life, our thoughts and prayers are with his immediate and extended family, especially his children and partner, friends, the Management & Staff of HTS/Radio 100, and the wider media fraternity- many of whom are devastated by this situation.

As a media fraternity, we remain thankful for the outpour of support from members of the public and other professional and civil society groups – whether through phone calls, messaging or other means.

Understanding the toll that this has taken on many of our colleagues and members, arrangements are currently being made for counseling to be made available to those affected.

We express heartfelt thanks to the Doctors and Nurses at the Victoria Hospital, who are doing the utmost within their control to ensure that Rehani remains with us.

We understand that rumour and speculation have and will exist, but while we await official word from the relevant authorities ,MASL makes no further statement on the matter.

I ask, that you the general public, continue to keep our colleague, but foremost our friend in your thoughts and prayers on his journey to recovery.



    • Rumour has it he is the one that called the airport and say there is a bomb and police traced call to him.Maybe it was a slow news day.Very very cruel to do such a thing.Rumour is he tried to kill himself.Wish him a speedy recovery .

  1. Wouldn’t it be something if the MASL took this same stance of waiting for facts and evidence instead of reporting that “rumour has it” and “unconfirmed information” in other stories when it sits them. If this had been a story involving Chastanet the speculation and speculation by this very same media association would have been rife. What you sow, so shall you reap.

  2. Yeah. If was someone else you all give the whole story already but because is 1 of you. You all waiting for official statement. Tell the ppl what he did and what happened.

  3. Praying for him to survive so that he take his jail time. This maybe the reason he is now at the hospital ie Death is better than jail time,

    • Wow. Did you not just read he has children. I don’t know what he did or didn’t do but guilt as much as false accusations can have the same devastating effects on one’s mind. The Bible said give even your enemy food to eat and water to drink. I suggest you show a little sympathy.

      • Why is quoting the bible relevant? Make your point without doing so. Further, if you are going to quote the bible perhaps use a quote that relates to your point?
        Also, him having children does not exclude him from facing the consequences of his actions. Children do not nullify your wrong doings.

  4. Are you’ll people serious the man is fighting for he’s life, he is in a coma and all you’ll ******* want to know is what happened. Wow

    • Trust me if you tried to commit suicide after allegedly committing a crime he would be by your bedside trying to get a story……. take that serious

  5. Why are we always so quick to judge? I don’t know the guy nor do I know of he is culpable of what he is suspected of doing but I do understand that a person must be experiencing severe hopelessness to attempt to end their life. Offer up a prayer for him instead and let God do his work.

  6. His lover was leaving him,so he tried to stop the flight.No that sounds terrible sorry.Hum.. lets see ,he wanted a couple hours of fame,thats twisted.He wanted to join his friend lodging in the Hotel in Dennery,hes screwed up.I give up, please tell us.

  7. Father in the mighty name of Jesus I speak wholeness and healing in the no of Rehani. Father u are the healer and deliverer. Lord u said u shall never leave not forsake him. Lord every word spoken against rehani I condem by the power n blood of Jesus. Lord I decree and declare that the victory is already Won when u died in the cross. Lord by ur strips rehani is healed. Cover him in ur precious blood lord. I put a pillar of fire around him lord. Father touch the hands a minds o these doctors n nurses. That they may do the right thing in caring for rehani.
    Lord remember the woman with the issue of blood, the blind u made see, the lame u made walk, the dead u rose to life. Lord I believe that u can reach Rehani where ever u are and touch him and make him whole again. Let this situation be a testimony to bring glory to ur name lord. Use him lord to do ur will. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  8. “Just Saying” you have it perfectly right. Bunch of hypocties. Always a cover-up to keep the public blinded.
    Damn! Say he attempted suicide….simple.

  9. Let’s just wait to see if the hypocrite, sorry I mean media association has had a change of operating standards and wait for official reports when the next incident not involving them happens. If was someone else they would be hogging the family and neighbors for interviews, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt (not that they deserve it)

    • You’re a piece of **** and obviously dont’ understand the media. Shut your ***

  10. Well we all are sinners and we all have skeletons in our closet. Some of them just never get exposed. We need to be more sympathetic to others who may be weaker than we are because we never know when our turn might come. He is a journalist but he is also human.

  11. Everybody need some sympathy I agree and he is human. As far as I see it they are trying to sugar coat for the guy .he called to day there is a bomb when police come for him he try to commit’ll need to explain .

  12. Those words were very cruel..
    Think before you write and read over before you post.. and delete if you wouldn’t want words like those to be said about you

  13. So he calls the airport to say there is a bomb in the airport.Police trace the call to him,they take him to police station to question him,he asks to go to the toilet,inside the toilet he finds a container with toilet cleaner,he drinks the stuff,and the police rush him to the hospital.So what started all this ? hope he survives maybe he will fill in the blanks.

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