Judge Furious Over Leaked Tape In Botham Jean Killing

A Texas judge is furious over a leaked 911 tape in the killing of Saint Lucian national, Botham Jean in Dallas last year, local reports say.

Dallas police are investigating the leak which occurred despite a gag order having being issued by the judge.

As reported by the website News Maven, Texas District Judge Tammy Kemp called a hearing Thursday to get to the bottom of it, as well as set the date for jury selection for the trial of the cop who fatally shot Jean.

But News Maven said both the prosecution and the defence denied involvement in the leak of the 911 tape.

Botham Jean  was shot by then Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger, on September 6, 2018.

Guyger, 30, was off-duty but in uniform when she shot an unarmed Jean in his own apartment, claiming that she mistook the apartment for hers.

Botham Jean

They lived in the same apartment complex.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Guyger, who was  subsequently fired from her job, appeared in court Thursday – her first time before the judge who will oversee her murder trial.

Guyger sat ramrod straight during the proceedings at the Frank Crowley Courts Building just outside downtown Dallas, the publication stated.

It said she did not speak.

“Before the hearing began, she whispered “excuse me” to a man standing in the courtroom aisle who was preventing her from heading to the defense table,” it was reported.

Jury selection in the case is scheduled for September 6, while testimony is scheduled to begin September 23, according to the media reports.


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