Juffali’s ex wife cries in court

DAILY MAIL:-The extraordinary demands of a former supermodel locked in one of Britain’s biggest ever divorce battles with her billionaire Saudi sheikh ex emerged in court today.

Christina Estrada is said to have turned down a £37million settlement from ex-husband Dr Walid Juffali and is instead demanding around £196million.

The divorce court heard today how she wants more than £55million for property and a £1million-a-year clothes budget – including £40,000 for fur coats, £109,000 for haute couture dresses and £21,000 for shoes every year.

Ms Estrada made an emotional appearance at London’s High Court this morning, punctuated with table-banging, comfort breaks and tears as she was questioned on her requirements.

At one point she snapped at Justin Warshaw QC, representing Dr Juffali, and said: ‘I am Christina Estrada. I was a top, international model. I have lived this life. This is what I am accustomed to.’

She broke down in tears when she mentioned a phone call she received last night from her teenage daughter, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Mr Warshaw suggested that her ex-husband’s personal assets were only £22million, plus a trust which might be worth £96million, and for her to receive £196million Dr Juffali would have to take money away from the girls. 

Ms Estrada replied: ‘I just don’t believe that.’

Mr Warshaw said: ‘You want (your daughter’s) money, don’t you?’

Ms Estrada replied: ‘I don’t.’

She then told the court she had received a phone call last night from her ‘confused’ daughter, who was visiting her father in a Zurich hospital, where he is being treated for cancer.

He had told her he ‘only has a million left’ and she added: ‘He told her he was going to buy her a big house in London, but because I want money she has to have a small house now.’

Ms Estrada said her daughter told her: ‘Mummy, you are going to make me a poor girl.’

The court heard she wants up to £62million to buy a luxury home in London and had visited a property in Eaton Square, Belgravia, valued at £55million with a pool and hot tub. She said it would take another £6.5million to decorate to her taste.

She told the court she would be unable to live in a £6.5million Belgravia property because she might have to share a floor with her staff.

Another multi-million pound property, in Chelsea, was dismissed because the bedrooms were ‘funny’.

Mr Warshaw QC, representing Dr Juffali, told asked her: ‘There’s a property on the market for £3.5million. It’s a perfectly acceptable property. Do you agree?’

Ms Estrada said: ‘There’s problems with it. It’s below the standard of living we’re accustomed to.’

Mr Warshaw said: ‘What about this one, in Belgravia, close to Sloane Square, £6.5million.’

She said: ‘It is too small to accommodate our staff.’

When confronted with the fact that the property had five bedrooms and that there would be room for her staff, Ms Estrada replied: ‘I wouldn’t want to be living right next door to my staff. I would want them on another floor. It’s too small.’

As well as the London property, she wants £4.4million for a house in the country at Henley. Some £495,000 for five cars, three in London and two in the Beverly Hills home he bought her.

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