Julien Alfred: Athletics Association Clears The Air

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The St Lucia Athletics Association wishes to place on record the following re the participation of National athlete Julien Alfred at the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

In the past few days, Julien’s accomplishments have been overshadowed by allegations that the Association failed to supply her with competition apparel and that the President was conspicuously taciturn on the matter.

As it concerns Team St Lucia’s competition uniforms, the St. Lucia Athletics Association has never and will never send any athlete to represent our beautiful island without bearing the colours of our national flag which we cherish so much.

The athlete in question was provided with a competition kit from a local supplier ahead of the Caribbean Games in Guadeloupe two-weeks prior to her competing in the World Championship in Eugene Oregon,  which was amended to the comfort of the athlete (Julien).

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Following the Caribbean Games, another kit was procured for her, this time for the World Championship.  When she was presented with the other kit she intimated that she was not comfortable with it.

To solve this untimely situation, she was taken to a supplier where the St. Lucia Athletics Association was able to procure apparel which she said she was comfortable with.

Moving forward, persons must not jump to hasty conclusions. Firstly, they should find out and clear the facts from the relevant governing body of the sport before posting or presenting news articles.

 Source: St Lucia Athletics Association

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. I don”t believe a word of that statement…the Athletics Association and the Ministry of Sports are notorious for not supporting St.Lucian Athletes over and over again…even during olympics sending persons to accompany the athletes who cannot help them in any way shape or form…I believe the athlete over the association…history has shown that they do not supply the athletes with what they need and take advantage of these opportunities for themselves

  2. While this release leaves a lot to be desired, I’m happy the SLAA made a statement because it gives another perspective instead of the single narrative we’ve had. First of all, the SLAA does not care about the athletes and does not work in the interests of the athletes. They never have, they just keep their fingers crossed that one athlete will make it through and they can hang on the athlete’s coattails and send their friends on trips around the world.
    Having said that, if the information in this release is correct, it appears that they tried to accommodate the athlete. She had a kit in Guadeloupe which she approved and was good enough for her to win in, what was wrong with wearing this at Worlds? Again, if what is in this release is correct, it appears that the athlete was being unnecessarily difficult. This could have been handled differently. Instead of concentrating on getting the job done, now the athlete is focused on roro that’s all over social media and in the end, she comes up short. The persons in her camp really need to do better in representing her. As someone mentioned in an earlier post, a level of humility is probably needed here; something the athlete used to be known for, but times have changed.
    The only up side to all this is that the whole of St. Lucia understands that the SLAA has a lot of issues and athletes now are going to speak up, unlike the athletes of old. Poor Laverne, our most decorated athlete had a really tough time with them but kept quiet. Maybe if she had spoken up, she could have helped the athletes following her. So lessons here for all those involved.

  3. Yeah yeah yeah waste of money WE LAPO YES I SAID IT. Jamaica take everything over there Gwan Jamaica, BIG UP Shelly-Ann Fraser Run Girl Run yu’ll set the ting, you don’t even read about it here , our own Caribbean brothers and sisters, THE SHAME OF IT, but it’s all over the foreign press.

  4. My girl you must remain humble. You are up and coming, you haven’t reached yet. You don’t like what they gave you to wear, you want brand name, then get brand name sponsors. That is what professional athletes do… they prove themselves, get sponsors. Take your time, focus on the right things and you will get there… don’t let it get to your head too early.

    • Waaaat? “Up and coming ?????” What does that even mean. The girl just defeated thousands of athletes from all across the globe who competed for hundreds of universities in the USA. How dare you..I understand there is room for improvement but dont tell her she “eh reach there yet”

      • @ Goku yes she IS an up and coming….that is the problem with us. We think we are there already and start making demands when our a$$ not ours. Where are the big time sponsors since she is such a big success? Many of those she has defeated have sponsors already, are known and yes she may have now defeated them but they have made a mark. That is my point! Not crying because I didn’t get a kit of a brand name I like so I’m gonna throw a tantrum and get myself all worked up and throw away an opportunity. She is up and coming because she lacks the professional maturity to overcome silly obstacles and let them get in her way. The end.

      • Of course she’s up and coming. So because she’s beaten some athletes she’s there? Well she should have sponsors throwing themselves at her feet and there would be no need to cry over not having a kit …baytise

    • Who ever told you she wanted brand name? That is so idiotic. She could have gone to a sportwear shop and bought a Nike or Puma suit. You and I can buy it. Why are you repeating such nonsense? She is world-class. The report stated that she was not comfortable with what was given. It may just have been too tight.

    • Yes she is practically new at this level (up and coming) but SHE IS ALREADY WORLD-CLASS and had to be treated accordingly by her country.

  5. Her own family with their negativity didn’t inspire her or help her either. One thing I have to say, when she was supported all the other times they never once came out to give praise or acknowledge the support. Entitled much? The minute something goes wrong they were all over pushing negative vibes….no wonder the poor girl was a nervous wreck. Mistakes happen, you will face hurdles…a professional athlete would put that behind them and push forward not throw in the towel in a tantrum. I said what I said!

    • You are so discouraging. When her parents inspire her (if this meant buying her outfit) and she wins, the country benefits. Damn it! All national athlete expect the country to inspire them. To take care of them. This is not a case of something going wrong. It is mere carelessness. and
      being irresponsible.

  6. It is time that the associations here deal with our athletes professionally.
    This was Julien’s time to shine. You, SLAA, robbed her of that opportunity.
    You denied her of that opportunity by disregarding her simple wish.
    Did the revisited uniform get to her on time?
    What happened to the person carrying it up to her?
    Why didn’t he make it his priority to ensure that she was well equipped even before she left LCA?
    I have seen in LCA that the officials of the team get A Class service, whilst the athletes sent to represent get mediocre accommodations.
    STOP THIS!!!
    let us be more appreciative of those athletes who compete with LCA in their hearts!!!

  7. Thats the official statement coming from the Athletics Association? This is so telling of the calibre of person heading this association. All I read was pawol jaytay. #SUNTI

    • Let me tell you. I think this person may still be attending Secondary School because the level of immaturity in this is telling.

  8. Who is the spokesperson for this ASSocation? This poor excuse of an excuse has the smell of a dead rat. I wonder if some Minister’s family or association member family is not in Oregon at a five star hotel as part of her entourage. That’s the problem in St Lucia and that’s why we will wait for years before we hear that anthem at an Olympic event. Is it that Alfred Emmanuel guy that is in every ASSocation to fill his pocket but yet he is still a pauper that’s continuing to belittle St Lucians athletes in that manner.

  9. This “clearing the air” was just words being thrown. Y’all need to invest in a professional communications person/team because this has done more harm than good.

    • Lmao….if that’s a letter that was edited possibly many times, I eh wanna hear or see an impromptu interview with the president or rep of that association. Look pappyshow wi! Yol even jooking readers at the end of the letter….kifoksah! I notice a trend in Lucia starting with our leaders…they will eff up many times and still hold a position while the avg man gets fired on the sport!

  10. This thing will discourage the youths to participate in sports. I feel sorry for the youths. I guess they will find an alternative. Don’t blame them when they turn to drugs and crime.

  11. Anytime urll association ” leaders f×#kup urll always wanna come up with some bs excuse do urll job . Urll just wanna sit there n cash in while our athletes don’t get wat they deserve, urll put nothing into sports but wanna grip the reward. The athletes do it for the love while urll just take a free ride on their hard work n sweat .

  12. My problem with st lucia athletics association it that ..they can’t seem to take care of more than one athlete at a time.. Then whenever an Athlete is going out to participate in an event there is never another up and coming Athlete in the entourage. Always some far remove personnel. The ministers wife, her grandmother and her cousins stepchild . The budget is never enough to bring another Athlete . How can we motivate our young ppl when that’s the attitude of the authorities. It’s a shame to see at every event we only have one athlete for one race . Sad sad sad

  13. Though the outfit, I will agree was a major issue, my biggest concern is the lack of representation and support. The authorities, especially the government, have not realised the great significance of the presence of a St Lucian participating in one of the most exciting track event, on the world stage. It was not even promoted in St Lucia. Jamaica apparently had more interest in the young lady’s presence at the event, than St Lucia. Within the islands, we have seen that it usually takes 1 individual to excel in the country and the other youth would emulate. Merlene Ottey was that individual in Jamaica.

  14. Whomever wrote that letter needs to be fired! Talk about a pawol jaytay letter! Gtfoh! And if she says she not representing y’all y’all will have the most to say! F#%k off! Disrespectful, unprofessional letter!!!

  15. Utter rubbish! Read what you’ll have said there and tell me if it makes sense. This raises more questions than answers.

    Did she refuse to were the national colours? If so why? Was she uncomfortable with the fit or the colour……

    Please come up with another excuse please ….


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