Julien Alfred Promises Her Best For 2022 Commonwealth Games

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Saint Lucian sprint star, Julien Alfred, says supporters can expect the best from her at this summer’s Commonwealth Games now on in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Alfred, 21, will compete in the 100m and 200m in Birmingham, after being disqualified in the semifinals of the 100m at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, in mid-July due to a false start.

Having won gold at the Youth Commonwealth Games in The Bahamas in 2017, Alfred is now eyeing gold in the senior category.

“I would love to be (both) the Youth and Senior Commonwealth Games champion, but I don’t want to put any pressure on myself,” Alfred said in Birmingham on Wednesday afternoon following a practice session. “I just want to go out there and do my very best. That’s all I can do right now.”

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With the Olympic Games scheduled to be hosted in Paris in 2024, Alfred says her focus is also on leaving her mark there. She, however, hastened to add that she has some unfinished business to resolve.

“We also have the World Championships next year before the Olympics, so I’m looking forward to just staying healthy and going out there and doing my very best,” Alfred stated.

In May, Alfred, who is Saint Lucia’s record holder in the Women’s 60m, 100m and 200m,
recorded the fourth fastest time in the world in the Women’s 100m this year with a time of 10.81 seconds.

“I think it’s a very special feeling, but I’m just not trying to think of it as that. I’m just trying to think of it as I’m among the very best, but also going out there and doing my best,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Athletics Coach, Makeba Alcide, who has been working diligently with Alfred in
Birmingham, described her as “a special athlete” who continues to excel and raise the bar.

“From a young age, you would have seen that she is very talented,” Alcide said. “She’s had a very long season and has excelled very well, so we’re all very proud of her for all the barriers she’s broken.”

Speaking to Alfred’s mental and physical state following the disqualification at the World
Athletics Championships, Alcide said the young track star is poised to make good on her promise to represent Saint Lucia with excellence.

“Coming off from the World Championships, obviously we want to keep her focused on
competing and representing Saint Lucia well,” said Alcide. “She’s mentally in a good place right now, so we’re happy about that. She’s in good form and not exhausted or super tired. So she’s actually very excited to race at the Commonwealth Games.”

The 2022 Commonwealth Games run from 28th July to 8th August, 2022, and will feature more than 5,000 athletes from across the Commonwealth.

Saint Lucia is fielding 13 athletes in track and field, boxing, swimming and table tennis.

Source: Commonwealth Games Saint Lucia. Headline photo: Track star, Julien Alfred, left, with Athletics Coach, Makeba Alcide, following a practice session in Birmingham, United Kingdom, on Wednesday afternoon.


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  1. This young sensation track and field athlete has all my co-workers talking about her in the state of texas. They keep asking ” is she Texan? She goes to University of Texas representing Texas longhorns! This LONGHORN IS ON FIRE!” I have to tell them NO! SHE IS FROM ST LUCIA! As a St. Lucian American I feel proud to see that she is representing Texas and ALSO representing my island nation of St.Lucia! This girl is very talented and we as St.Lucians need to rally behind her to give her ALL the support that she needs.

    Honestly I was EMBARRASSED to say the least how the St.lucian goverment/ sports Association didnt get their $h!t straight pertaining to this whole running uniform fiasco! This was upsetting and cringe worthy! We could do better than that for our talented youth who represent us as a people! I have seen this girl out run these same US girls who won the US championship gold medal 🏅 race last week. Jefferson from North Carolina, Steiner from California etc….all these girls Alfred put them in the DUST and they still won gold medals! Smh. St. Lucians we have to be more proudful, aggressive and READY with our natural talents as Jamaica has ALWAYS been doing with theirs!

    And for you Ms. Julien Alfred, please stay the course. Please stay FOCUSSED! Obstacles may come your way, distractions may come your way but still keep pushing, still keep fighting….And most of ALL please stay HUMBLE like USA already track star meteorite Sydney McLaughlin! God EXALTS the humble! And He will exalt you!



  2. Two amazing young ladies. Julien you have my full support, and I am happy to see you are encouraged by the coaching of another amazing young female. You will do it.

    I am also looking forward to seeing Ms Spencer commence her career as a high jump coach, don’t know when she us due to start but can’t wait to see young high jumpers from here excel. We need to invest in sports all year round and not only around the time of events.


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