Julien Alfred Strikes Silver At Commonwealth Games

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Sprint star Julien Alfred cruised her way to a silver medal in the Women’s 100m on Wednesday evening at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, United Kingdom, at this this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Having qualified for the Semifinals on Monday in a time of 11.24 seconds, Alfred won her Heat on Wednesday afternoon, posting 11.04 seconds to advance to the Finals held two hours later.

Alfred led for more than half the race and finished second in a time of 11.01 seconds, edged out by Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah, a five-time Olympic gold medalist and the fastest woman alive in the 100m, who clocked 10.95 seconds. England’s Daryll Neita picked up the bronze with a time of 11.07 seconds.

Alfred, who won gold at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games, became the NCAA champion when she won the 2022 NCAA 100m race, becoming the second ever Saint Lucian athlete, after Jeanelle Scheper, to win the title. She became a two-time 2022 NCAA champion as part of the 4x100m relay team.

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“I’m grateful for the support that I’ve received throughout the entire season from the people of Saint Lucia,” Alfred said late Wednesday evening following her win. “I’m just really sorry that I haven’t been able to respond to all of those messages and the posts they were making because I’m off social media. But I’m just really grateful that I have such a strong support system and I think that’s what matters most.”

She added: “My coach played a tremendous role in how I bounced back after disappointing at the World Championships. I really want to give a lot of credit to him. Though there were so many persons involved in helping me get back on my feet, Coach Edrick Floréal played such a tremendous role in helping me get back there mentally. I’m just really grateful.”

Alfred has since withdrawn from the Women’s 200m Heat which was due for 11:00 a.m. today, Thursday. She will also receive her silver medal for the Women’s 100m at the Medal Ceremony scheduled for 19:58 hrs at the Alexander Stadium.

Team Saint Lucia’s outing at the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday began with news that Sandisha Antoine had advanced to the Women’s Triple Jump Finals slated for Friday after organizers decided to forego the qualifying round.

Just after noon, Michael Joseph competed in the Men’s 400m Round 1 Heat. He placed fourth in a time of 47.08 seconds. However, the lead runner was disqualified, so Joseph finished third in his Heat — an automatic qualification for the Semifinals.

Next up was light heavyweight boxer Arthur Langelier who came up against the Republic of Tanzania’s Yusuf Lucasi Changalawe at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC). The bout was short-lived after the referee gave Langelier two standing eight counts in the first round, stopping the fight on the second occasion.

Langelier picked up a bye at the official draw last week and had advanced to the Quarterfinals on Monday after his opponent, Leatialii Afoa of Tuvalu, refused to fight, leaving Langelier to win by a walkover.

Also on Wednesday afternoon, DeAndre Calderon gave Jamaica’s Kane Watson a master class in table tennis at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in the Men’s Singles Group 10 Match 1. Calderon took the first three games: 11/4, 11/9 and 11/7. Watson bounced back, claiming the fourth and fifth games: 11/9 and 11/7. But the skillful teenager overpowered the older Watson in the sixth game, winning it by 11/1 to win the match. However, Calderon would later lose his next match to Malaysia’s Chee Feng Leong, who won by 4-0.

Back at the Alexander Stadium on Wednesday afternoon, Stephan Charles placed ninth in Semifinals 3 of the Men’s 100m, with 10.53 seconds, missing out on a spot in the Finals.

The long day called for something truly special and Julien Alfred delivered in great style.

On Thursday, super heavyweight boxer Leran Regis, who also drew a bye in the preliminary round, will glove up against Leuila Mau’u of New Zealand at the NEC in the evening session (21:30 hrs).

Other events for Thursday are: Lenyn Leonce will compete in Heat 5 of the Men’s 200m at 12:15 p.m. at the Alexander Stadium, while Delan Edwin will compete in Heat 8 at 12:40 p.m.

Please note that all times listed are in UK time, which are five hours ahead of Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT).

(Story updated to correct headline)

Source: Commonwealth Games (Saint Lucia). Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. Am proud of your achievement . I watched the entire race . Big Up U Self u have my full support . We, U, St.Lucians we out there .

  2. She did well but with all the motivation given to her i hope she strike gold in other games. There should be no complacency in second place.. Aim high.

  3. I’m not sure which article y’all read but this one I read surely said Julian Alfred strike “SILVER” at common wealth….depending on st.lucia’s past experience this is sure something to celebrate and yes prime minister Pierre was correct to congratulate her on her win.y’all dimwit st.lucians.

    • By the time you got to the post it was edited to “silver” but initially the headline said strikes “gold” which is why you see those type of comments, check the time stamps. No need to name call people when you don’t know all the details.

  4. I guess St Lucia Times is overly excited over Alfred’s win! A Silver medal maybe in equivalent to a gold; considering who placed before her at about 6 seconds difference!! Come on people , that’s an achievement!! Great job Alfred!!👏👏

  5. Although I was confused like most, at first thinking that she may have won gold in the 200m race, I then realized the silver in 100m commonwealth games for little STLucia is as good as gold. This achievement has made the island so much more popular. Jamaica look out, we coming for gold.

    • I get what they might have tried to say, but it was a poor choice of a word. Words can be misleading so if it was a real journalist this would not be the word he/she would use. Maybe it is random people who writes these articles. Not a learnt journalist.

  6. When I saw the headline I thought she had competed in another race and won gold. It is only after I read the article I realized the writer was referring to the race that she won the silver eaier in the week.
    SLT your news editor needs a shake up.

  7. Often times there are comments made about the editors and I ignore them because we are all human and make mistakes. However, it is a bit too consistent for my taste. The athlete in question struck SILVER not gold, the very first sentence after the headline indicates this so how could the post be published saying gold. Maybe some training in proof reading should be on the agenda.

  8. GOSH! Must we be that illiterate. SLT posting a headline like that had me rushing to read the article to see if Elaine had been disqualified. She won a SILVER medal how could that be STRIKING GOLD. Anyway I don’t blame our low IQ’s cause our PM congratulated her on her VICTORY in the 100 meters.

    • First let me congratulate Ms Alfred on this wonderful achievement. You have made us proud. I hope the government invest more in our athletes.

      Now on this headline that seems to have ruffled a few feathers about Ms Alfred winning gold when in fact she won silver.

      1) The editorial : Julien Alfred strikes gold at commonwealth games may have been the editor’s way of using poetic licence to state that Ms Julien’s Silver medal win for Saint Lucia is as good as winning gold.

      2) Perhaps the editor could have been more clear and creative is his/her editorial by stating simply that Julien’s Silver is as good as gold rather that saying Julien strikes gold at commonwealth games…which indeed confounds the reader.

      Well, we live and learn.


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