Jury Chosen For Trial Of Former Cop Who Killed Botham Jean

Twelve jurors and four alternates have been chosen for the  murder trial of the former Dallas cop who killed Saint Lucian, Botham Jean, 26.

The trial of Amber Guyger, who claimed she mistook Jean’s apartment for hers and thought he was an intruder, is set to begin on September 23.

It is expected to last about two weeks.

The  unarmed Botham Jean was shot dead in his own apartment on September 6 last year.

Guyger, who was subsequently fired from her job, was initially charged with manslaughter and later indicted for murder.

According to CBSDFW.COM, the jurors for the Amber Guyger trial were chosen from a pool of 400 people.

Media reports indicated that potential jurors who, when questioned by the Prosecution and Defence, demonstrated an inability to be impartial, were disqualified.

The Dallas Morning News said that  for a handful of candidates in the jury pool, the details of the case were a complete mystery.

Those were just the candidates that attorneys on both sides were looking for, the publication stated.

It quoted a defence attorney, Toby Shook, as saying that he is proud to represent Guyger, 31, along with the rest of the defence team.”

The trial is likely to be closely followed in Botham Jean’s native Saint Lucia where demonstrations over his shooting death were held.

In March this year attorneys representing the Jean family asserted at a news conference here that Saint Lucia could turn the case into an international matter that should never be forgotten.




  1. The trial of the evil one 😈 Amber Guyger is near. Let’s all pray for God’s intervention in this trial, that Guyger does not walk free to commit another evil act.

    • If you really want God’s intervention, be prepared for the result not to be in your favour aswell.
      I think she isnt guilty of murder, but manslaughter. All the evidence points to manslaughter, not murder.
      after all, God asks us to forgive, and while we should there must be consequences to our actions. She may enter the gates before me and you, but she must be held accountable for causing the death.

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