Friday, September 30, 2022

‘Kaiso Pros Tent’ Announces Official Launch

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Kaiso Pros Tent (K.P.T.) has announced its official media launch slated for Wednesday at the Old Monroe College building, Barnard Hill, Castries, at 7:30 pm.

The new tent is the brainchild of former Calypso Monarch TC Brown.

‘T.C.’, whose official name is Linus Cadette, explained that K.P.T. will feature a new cast of performers.

Although the tent launch comes ahead of Carnival, he said K.P.T. would not merely focus on that event.

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“Two shows most times for a season, and then you back up. That, for me, is not a business model, so I had to do something about it,” the former Calypso Monarch recalled.

As a result, he said he got his partners together and created K.P.T.

“We are looking at a year-long plan of activities, creating shows and different stages where our members could perform, use their skills, grow those skills and grow themselves,” TC Brown told St Lucia Times.

“So we are much more than just a tent. We will use the Carnival season to launch us, to get involved with the calypso, the soca, and everything that’s ‘tent’. But what happens after Carnival? We don’t want to go to sleep. We want to do more,” he declared.

T.C Brown said he had complained enough in the past about the state of calypso and so decided to do something about it by creating the new tent with a cast embracing a new direction to grow and do what the art form is supposed to accomplish – enlighten and entertain.

“Let’s bring back all the things we’re missing – that I am personally missing about stepping on stage as an entertainer,” he stated.

Headline photo: TC Brown

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