Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Kanye West Takes Official Steps Towards Running For President

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Sky News:– Kanye West has taken his first official steps towards running for US president against Donald Trump and Joe Biden in November.

A representative for the rapper, who recently revealed he has never voted before, filed the necessary paperwork and paid the $35,000 (£27,623) fee to appear on Oklahoma’s presidential ballot.

West squeaked in just ahead of the deadline, which was the end of Wednesday.

Oklahoma Board of Elections spokeswoman Misha Mohr confirmed he had paid the fee, which two others also did – concert pianist Jade Simmons and cryptocurrency entrepreneur Brock Pierce.

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A form, the first required by the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) to officially run for president, was also filed by the “Kanye 2020” team on Thursday, with the music star’s address given as his Wyoming ranch.

It also says he is running as part of the BDY party, short for The Birthday Party, which West created when he announced his plan to run earlier this month.

When asked why he chose that name, he said: “Because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday.”

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