Karatekas Take Part In Grading Exercise

Press Release:– Fourteen (14) karatekas from the newly rebranded Hattsuryo Martial Arts Temple took part in a grading exercise on 16th June 2019 at the Finance Administrative Centre, Point Seraphine, Castries.

At this exercise, these karatekas went through a vigorous examination which focused on endurance, martial arts spirit, self defence, focus power, kata, kumite, strikes and blocks, kicks and stances.

The ranks of these participants ranged from the beginner white belt, to the more advanced black belts. Karatekas from seven (7) years old to forty three (43) years old took part in this grading. As a result, Hattsuryo now boasts the following additional ranks- three (3) 2nd dan black belts, three (3) 1st dan black belts, three (3) brown belts, one (1) blue belt, one(l) green belt, one (1) orange belt and two (2) yellow belts.

The Hattsuryo Martial Arts Temple would like to congratulate all the participants, as we look forward to our transition to one of the four WKF recognized styles, Shito Ryu.

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