Kenson Casimir Raises Over $20,000 For Vendors

Press Release:- GROS ISLET, St. Lucia – In a press conference held earlier today Tuesday, June 9th 2020, Kenson “Bay Bay” Casimir, organizer of the Gros Islet Virtual Friday Night Fundraiser presented a cheque of EC $20,447.46 from funds raised from the event to the Gros Islet Vendors’ Association.

On Friday May 8th, Casimir hosted a virtual telethon dedicated to raising funds for the vendors of Gros Islet who lost their income due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shut down in tourism in Saint Lucia.

Most of these vendors were not contributors of NIC and whilst Kenson emphasized the need for all vendors to be contributors, he could not sit by and not do something to help alleviate some of the pressures they were facing. 

The Virtual Fundraiser was held on television and social media, attracting over 50,000 viewers and featured local artists such as Cooyah, Ezra d fun machine, Kisha, Mighty, Freezy, Blackboy, Michael Robinson, Big Sea; Friday Night DJs Mad Crew Sounds and international sensation DJ Kevin Crown.

The event has been dubbed the “largest and most entertaining online fundraiser in Saint Lucia’s history” by persons who were viewing from home.

“The immediate willingness of artists who performed to raise funds for the vendors was absolutely heartwarming. Everyone came together in such a short space of time to help out and played their part whether as volunteers to man the phones, as the production team, as performers, as persons pledging, Saint Lucians locally and abroad really came out to show their support.  We also had persons who previously attended the Gros Islet Friday Night donate via Gofund me. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this event a success and whilst it took some time to gather all outstanding pledges, we were still able to quadruple our goal.”

Kenson Casimir wishes to also thank the following main contributors to the event: 



RX 100 Remedy Construction Solutions

SOL Bois d’orange

Thaddeus Antoine

Hang 10

Red Carnival Band Foundation

Hon. Philip J Pierre

Virginia Albert-Poyotte

Armstrong Alexis

Botham Jean Foundation

SOL Gros Islet

RISE St Lucia

Terrence St. Clair

Veterans Inc

Emma Hippolyte

Golden Events and



  1. Another pretender on a mission to bluff and enrich with lightspeed like many of the others once they attain the seat of power.

    • At the rate it seems like everybody is a pretender according to your judgement! Are you sure that you honor the right person on Mother’s Day? Maybe she is pretending too!

  2. Its amazing how our ppl think, whether he is a politician or not , do you think it matters to the people, who need the help? Maybe if the other politicians made the same effort things would be different…

  3. I personally tired of them enriched recycled politicians who have tried and failed on both sides both parties need a fresh start ( no pun intended lol ) with new young energetic individuals with new generation ideas for our new generation issues. These dinasars of st.lucian politics need to retire (comfortably at that) and pass the batton…..with that said thank you Mr.Casimir you have my endosement right tru not that my endorsement carrying any weight or anyting but the strength hold it down rasta blessing #baybay4GrosiLet

  4. Aa Casimir you can read now to try high office. Was it not you when you asked for info and was told here is a list of the stuff and you answer to the young lady who attended to you ‘ if I cannot read now’.
    I’m registered in G Islet for election and you will not get my vote. You have alot of learning to do young man.

  5. Honestly well done sir.We need more politicians to think of the people who elected them to speak on their behalf. Too much of us st.lucians only seeing red and yellow. We need to move away from party politics and vote for the candidate who can make a difference in the community they running for.

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