Monday, February 17, 2020

Kenyan Cop Sentenced To Death

BBC News:-  Kenya’s High Court has sentenced a senior policeman to death for the murder of a detainee – one of two cases resulting in rare officer convictions.

In a separate case, five senior police officers were found responsible for the death of a six-month-old baby hit over the head by riot police.

Kenya’s police have previously faced accusations of impunity over killings.

Nahashon Mutua received a death sentence for fatally beating detainee Martin Koome with a metal bar in 2013.

Mutua was the officer in charge at a police station in the capital, Nairobi, when Koome was brought in following a domestic fight.

The officer had tried to frame an inmate for the murder but he was convicted in December and sentenced to death on Thursday.

In another courtroom on the same day, five police commanders were found responsible for the death of baby Samantha Pendo.

Samantha was beaten on the head in the middle of clashes between police and demonstrators in Kisumu, in the west of Kenya, after Uhuru Kenyatta was announced as the winner of the presidential election in 2017. She died in hospital three days later.

In September, the BBC’s Africa Eye investigative unit highlighted police impunity in Kenya, covering the story of a notorious officer who became national news after mobile footage showed him gunning down two apparently unarmed men in broad daylight.

The film focused on one Nairobi neighbourhood, Eastleigh.


  1. Hey sometimes ya gotta crack a few eggs to make an omlet ,this is too far to sentence a policeman to death. Perhaps a repremand would do. As fer as a cop framing a con for a murder well ok it sounds bad but the con PROBABLY did something terrible and though the cop isnt perfect he deserves leniency.What think you?

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