Monday, November 18, 2019

Kerosene Down, 100 Lb LPG Cylinder Up In Adjusted Fuel Prices

Press Release:–  The Public is hereby notified that in keeping with changes in international oil prices and Government’s application of the modified market pass-through petroleum pricing mechanism, the retail price of LPG 20 and 22 lb cylinders, gasoline and diesel remains unchanged.

The prices of LPG 100 lb cylinder and kerosene have been changed. The price changes take effect from Monday February 11, 2019:

20 Pound Cylinder (9.07 kg) remains unchanged at $32.91 per cylinder 22 Pound Cylinder (9.98 kg) remains unchanged at $36.48 per cylinder GASOLINE remains unchanged at $3.07 per litre or $13.95 per gallon Diesel remains unchanged at $3.07 per litre or $13.95 per gallon 100 Pound Cylinder (45.36kg) increased from $204.95 to $207.07 per cylinder Kerosene decreased from $2.09 to $1.81 per litre or $9.50 to $8.21 per gallon.

The Public is informed that the next adjustment of the retail prices of fuel products will be on Monday March 04, 2019.


  1. Hurray, the PM said as soon as he signs the document on his desk the price will go down. Mr PM please sign the document for that to take effect.

  2. lol Josito Mateo.

    The PM is a proven (in the courts) liar, some may say compulsive.

    The irony is that Lucians are and were aware of this but accept it.

    We St Lucians are so gullible and ignorant.

    The mans own father can’t trust him with his businesses and made that well known.

    Yet Lucians saw Prime Ministerial qualities in the dunce and voted him in.

    He laughing at them all the way to the bank.

    Lucians emancipate yourselves from the Colonial psychology vote policy not skin colour.

  3. Any day now the PM will sign the document to remove the $6.86 tax on fuel the SLP government was profiting on. Right guys?

    • Fellows give the PM a break. The document very long so it taking a long time to read before he signs it. You think it easy to read a document in two and a half years when you not so bright?

  4. Been tracking fuel prices for several years now and there should be a much better correlation between crude oil and pump prices. On February 27th 2017, the 3-week preceding average price for crude oil was 53.32. We paid 11.48 a gallon. On February 11th, 2019, the 3-week preceding average price for crude oil is 53.44. We are paying 13.95 per gallon. This pass-through mechanism was a sham from the onset. And this sham is carried on by Allan Chastanet.

    • I was happy to read because I too check oil prices, in February 2017 you are about right I have 53.59 average for January and we paid 11.92 for the first adjustment on Feb 7. For this year January’s average is 56.58 to which we are paying 13.95 inclusive of 1.50 tax. So it is about right.

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