KFC Delivery Scooter Collides With Car In Castries – Rider Hospitalised

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A KFC delivery scooter collided Saturday with a Honda Civic motor car in Castries about 1:20 pm resulting in the hospitalization of the 22-year-old rider.

Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) who responded said the accident occurred at the bottom of Darling Road.

According to reports, the patient sustained lower extremity injuries and abrasions to the head, face, and right elbow.

After treating him, the emergency response crew transported him to the OKEU Hospital.

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  1. Update: you were correct bro, they shared the chicken on a video. They even have another video making fun of the rider already

  2. But what happened to the chicken?
    I suspect that all those so called good samaritan’s standing around all enjoyed a free chunck of chicken. Look at the guy in blue standing in front of the car. He in the process of pulling a chicken wing apart. Only casualty here is that bucket of chicken, move on!

  3. Do KFC have corporate medical insurance nd benefits for its riders. I do hope so! Otherwise…I would advise those riders to start looking for other jobs. Our roads are not designed for bikes (period)…our auto drivers are not biker friendly…our enforcement of road laws are a failure…its just a risky job!

  4. KFC riders it look 2022 might be you’ll year. One of most riskiest jobs on island a KFC delivery rider. Lord bless the KFC riders. Are they essential workers ???

  5. The silly things kids do when young and stupid; I remember ridding down the Darling Rd., I figure at the time I was about 14Yrs when I got to the bottom at full speed a dog crossing scared the sheeet outa me and I fell, smashing my friend’s bike. A few months later it was Calvary Rd. full speed again, then round the bend I heard that car blowing its horn to warn any one coming down that blind spot, foolish me pulled up the front brakes instead the back brakes, guess what, This time I went flying, this is childish foolishness, but one can still lose their life. The only bike I ride now is my stationary one to build up a sweat while watching a naughty Movie, thank you Lord.

  6. They really need to take it easy on the road I’ve seen some of those kfc boys pull some really risky maneuvers in traffic if they don’t change they riding style it will continue hapening…..speedy recovery tho.

  7. Well from what i see the chicken had a lil tumble but i’m sure it reached its owner safely thank goodness… bottom line you delivering fried food no need to be speeding between vehicles or round corners these guys looking for their own problems the bikes

  8. I don’t think any of us surprise there was a KFC scooter involved in an accident. I just don’t understand how we NEVER have Traffic Police on our roads. If those guys were doing their work. All KFC riders would be off our roads. Those guys do nothing but nonsense on our roads. Is like they on a playground n being controlled by remote. Next is the fatality of one of these KFC riders or Drivers. Wait and See.

  9. I would worry about the bus and taxi drivers first. Most of them driving up your arse. Why do we, as a nation, either drive overly cautiously or like maniacs on this island. Poor KFC boys are only trying to earn a crust. God bless this particular soul. The fact that this is officially the National headline presently is a good sign for our misery. And watch out for the American tourists. They are the worst!!

  10. Those riders need proper training and if they have been trained KFC need to hold them accountable cuz they are very reckless, not using signals when maneuvering and riding like their carrying life water

  11. Imagine your job is the riskiest job on island….riding a bike everyday knowing very well there is a fatality every month!

  12. That accident was well overdue. The only surprising thing is that there has only been one so far, since those KFC Delivery Riders are Accidents waiting to happen !!

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