Killers Warned That Judgement Is Coming

The stepdaughter of a sixty-four year old man whose death has been described by Saint Lucia police as ‘suspicious’, has warned his killers that their judgement is coming.

According to the police, the lifeless body of Augustin Plummer  who was residing in Bisee, Castries,  was discovered at Malabar beach on Sunday with apparent marks of violence about his body.

A senior law enforcement official had told St Lucia Times that the throat of the deceased appeared to have been slit.

Police said in a statement to the media Monday said that based on the nature of the injuries, the death is being treated as a homicide.

“There is a God above – he does not sleep. Sunday was his judgement. Their judgement will come,” the stepdaughter of the deceased who identified herself only as Sasha, told St Lucia Times.

“I am shocked. Why would somebody do a 64 year-old person that?” She lamented.

Shasha described her stepfather as a loving person who worked hard and has no problems with anyone.

She explained that fishing was his hobby.

“His hobby after work on Friday or Saturday was to take his bag and go fishing,” the stepdaughter explained.


  1. If you are talking about Spiritual judgment, i agree; but if you are waiting for lawful jugement, it will never come, because, year after year, we are misjudging our votes! because we believe in tales! and the word is: I WILL.

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