Kimberly Remembered At Candlelight Vigil

Murder victim, Kimberly Williams de Leon, was remembered Monday evening during a candlelight vigil attended by friends, relatives, work mates and persons wishing to express solidarity with her family and demand justice in the aftermath of her fatal shooting last week.

Some of those in attendance wore jerseys imprinted with a photo of the deceased with the slogan ‘Justice for Kim’.

The Ministry of Education employee died from a single gunshot to the head, a law enforcement official revealed, citing the result of a post mortem examination that was carried out on Friday.

The candlelight vigil, organised by the Ministry of Education, was held at the Castries Waterfront.

It featured prayer, tributes, song and one minute of silence in memory of the deceased.

Acting Permanent Secretary, Michelle Charles, told St Lucia Times that the ministry, which is also responsible for gender relations, called for persons to rally with it to create an awareness in regard to domestic violence and domestic abuse.

However she noted that the organisers were not attributing Kimberly Williams de Leon’s demise to domestic abuse.

“But given some of the reports that have been made, we thought it would be necessary to  at least feature domestic abuse as one of our areas – as the ministry of gender relations,” Charles explained.

Last week police said that the husband of the deceased, a police officer, had become a ‘person of interest’ based on previous ‘domestic incidents.’

“The staff are still saddened by whatever happened and that’s why we have called this vigil here this evening,” the Charles stated.

“We are hoping that what will come out of this is that people are going to be more hopeful that persons can realise that they too have a role to play when it comes to eradicating domestic abuse and violence – that persons can become more introspective and think of what role they can play in all of this,” Charles told St Lucia Times.

A cousin of he deceased, Diane Felicien, told St Lucia Times that the family is ‘really broken”and is looking forward to answers and justice.

Diane Felicien

“We will ensure that justice is served for Kimberly,” she stated.

Felicien said the family has been in touch with the Commissioner of Police and was expected to meet with him later for an update on the case.



  1. This should never stop.. keep it up. we should do like the people of Dallas until Justice is serve. lets not say we want justice and our voice is not been heard

  2. We should continue on what we’re doing …. and lets not give up on when we ask for justice . We can do like the Dallas,USA,and every other state where people fought for justice for our own Citizen…RIP

  3. Don’t expect that docile commissioner will give you anything concrete. What is this guys legacy huh. Has anything improved in the police force since he took the reigns? I think not. Under his watch murders abound, traffic is messed up with a noticable absence of this police on patrol, lower crime solving, poor morale, more moonlighting, so what has this same commissioner done…..f… all. Nothing will come out of this investigation and the dotard will retire happily ever after

  4. The people are fed up Mr commissioner find the murderer get the evidence physical or circumstantial charge and prosecute

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