Wednesday, August 10, 2022

King Believes Saint Lucians ‘Psychologically’ Prepared For Bus Fare Increase

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Transport Minister and former Prime Minister Stephenson King believes Saint Lucians were psychologically prepared for a bus fare increase that went into effect on Monday.

“I think psychologically Saint Lucians are prepared. In fact we have been speaking about this for a long time. In the first instance the rates that are being applied now which have been approved by Cabinet were rates agreed for 2013. Since then it has never been implemented,” King told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet.

And the Castries North MP indicated that by modifying their behavior, commuters could cope with the new fares, which amount to increases of 25 cents or one dollar depending on the route.

“Saint Lucians have to take responsibility and probably moderate their behavior in some instances. You cannot go to every show, you cannot go to every event, you cannot go every day into town. But you can make some adjustments where possible to allow you to operate within the new framework
which calls for an extra 25 cents an extra dollar here or there,” the former Finance Minister stated.

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“We have been speaking about a bus fare increase for probably a year now and I believe Saint Lucians have been adequately prepared,” King asserted.

The new bus fares should have been effective on July 1, but ‘teething problems’ caused a July 4 implementation.

King told reporters that the new fares, although not at the level that bus operators might want, would nevertheless bring them some relief.

“We have demonstrated goodwill. We have said ‘Listen, you have been going through this thing for the last how many 11 or so years. We believe that by giving you the increase which was approved of in 2013 and allowing some breathing space to give consideration to any future requests’ , I believe that can certainly help them,” the Minister stated.

In addition, King explained that in addition to the bus fare increase, the government had suspended the $700 annual fee for the route permit for another year.

He said the bus sector also benefits from 100 percent duty-free concessions on new vehicle imports, plus some 60 percent waiver of duties on used vehicles up to seven years old.

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  1. Am not surprise at the decision made for the people cause the ministers/government always makes decisions for the people but this one is new to me the Ministers turn Gadeh they telling you what the people thinking not just thinking but psychologically thinking and what they can embrace. Wow government is government , let it be yellow, red, blue or green it all boils down to the same old shit but a different day. PJP don’t even know what he about and chassss politically emotionally hurt not even his wife can heal it only St. Lucia .. People wake up and smell the sulphur in the air soufriere its time we accept the sanctions and we have enough resources here to survive and we can trade with Russia

    • Good luck trading with russia because when they get hold of the entire world together with the chineese, they putting yall in slavery worse that what the white americans were do to african american slave. The book of revelations said THOSE WHO ONCE DID THE ENSLAVING WILL THEMSELVES BE ENSLAVED. So good luck with the Russians, WORLD WAR Z Conquest from the North to the South has started!😒

  2. We all understand that the price of fuel went up
    But not only for bus drivers
    There people who have no choice but to drive to work
    How can they afford fuel if they salary is increased?
    It’s a shame and very degrading that we Lucians have to work like slaves for the Chinese, syrians and indians for nothing cause no minimum wage have not been implemented. Most people depend one tank of cooking gas cause can’t afford to full another. We Lucians only good at talking and complaining but won’t come forward together to put a stop to the mess. That’s all i have to say on the situation cause “WHO FEELS IT, KNOWS IT”

    • They give us our country yet still we have to slave for the foreigners for nothing, simply because of our greedy leaders

  3. Uwp, slp all of y’all avoiding the minimum wage topic why? Everything increasing and yet still the pay is still the same! Sad thing is that we just have to hush our mouths cause it’s useless we make noise. Imagine an electricity bill that has always been within the range of 120 to 130 now 200 and something dollars nothing has changed. Companies out there exploiting us and nothing for that.

  4. We need to take action in these kind of things because we all getting bullied as the people and nothing is being done year after year . We allow a lot of thing to just pass through and just chat about it , that’s a lot of nonsense. When a re we going to take a stand and look out for our future , everything is rising but not the salary of the people of St Lucia that’s a damn shame .

  5. Really King….. what an irresponsible statement. Are you in people”s pockets? Are you the one paying us our salaries?
    If you were psychologically prepared to betray UWP… then don’t use the same yardstick for us.

  6. Do bus drivers pay tax? Did the fuel for vehicles increase? Why $0.50 instead of $0.25? A secondary school child becomes an adult when they no longer in school uniform? The buses are in bad condition and lets not talk about the bus drivers hygiene, attire and the smell of rum on…….explain the increase……more walking to my destinations when possible.

  7. Stevenson king, putting the people first. After his political career, power, money, his big deal and promises from Frederick and pip, his contract kick backs, etc people come first right after those personal gains.

  8. Did he speak to every St Lucians to say that they are psycologically prepared? He spoke to the SLP media and came to a conclusion that we are prepared. What a bag of bs.

  9. Shame on labor. On what grounds you know people are psychologically ready
    You have only added a marriage certificate to your birth certificate. You big lump of nothing

  10. You know if the people are psychologically prepared for busfare. On what grounds the only certificate you added to your birth certificate is the marriage certificate. On what grounds you kmow people are psychologicaly ready. Labor should see you as a shame. Big lump of nothing

  11. Mr.King I hope you’re taking into consideration those people who don’t go to shows, don’t go to town everyday and still can barely afford things as they are. There are ever increasing prices across the board meanwhile most people’s salaries are at a standstill. Nevertheless I’m happy that somebody ( Bus Drivers ) got a raise just wish other people’s salary would raise as well…



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