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King Clears The Air On Road Markings Contract Award

Press Release:- The Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour Hon. Stephenson King wishes to reassure the general public, that contrary to incorrect, misleading and malicious statements issued by a well-known creole media personality, aired on a local media station, the “Island-wide Road-markings Project” is being implemented in accordance with Government’s procurement guidelines Finance Act.

Additionally, this project is only one of several put out for public Tender by the Department of Infrastructure Ports and Energy.

On October 9, 2018 the Government of Saint Lucia through the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy issued an “Invitation to Bid” to four Companies for Thermoplastic Road Markings at Castries through to Gros Islet. 

The four bidders; all of whom are experienced and competent local firms, were;

  1. Acala Stripping Ltd.
  2. Construction and Industrial Equipment Ltd.
  3. Nationwide Construction Ltd.
  4. C.O. Williams Construction (St. Lucia) Ltd.

All four companies responded favorably to the invitation.

On October 24, 2018 an Evaluation Committee comprising qualified experts, reviewed the “Priced Proposals” submitted by the Bidders.

The Central Tenders Board subsequently met to review the Proposals and judged Construction and Industrial Equipment Ltd as the successful Bidder.

The works officially commenced on Sunday March 10, 2019 with the mission to make the commute of our roads a lot safer, cognizant that road markings give important information and instructions to the motorists and drivers about vehicle positioning, road alignment and other vital road information.

Engineers and other technical experts from the Department of Infrastructure have and continue to work closely with the Contractor to ensure successful completion of all project deliverables.

The first phase includes enhancements along the Castries to Gros Islet and John Compton Highway, the western section of Jeremie Street (Peynier – Bridge Street), Manoel Street, Inner Relief Road and ending at the Banannes Roundabout.

In the interest of public safety these roads were prioritized given that over 27, 000 vehicles traverse those roads daily.

However, the DIPE assures the public that all roads will be marked as the project unfolds “Islandwide”.

The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy is thankful to motorists and all commuters for the patience and support during the execution of the project.

All road users are encouraged to continue monitoring and follow the various traffic signs that will be posted, abide by the instructions given by flaggers who will be on location and extend full cooperation.

The Road Markings Programme will enhance all edge and center lines, all lane and directional arrows, all hatch lines and pedestrian crossing for the safety of all commuters.

The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy wishes to apologies for any inconveniences which may be caused as a result of the road works but assures the public that these interventions are important, as we continue implementing projects aimed at improving Road Safety.

Under the stewardship of Infrastructure Minister Hon. Stephenson King and Chief Accounting Officer Mr. Ivor Daniel, the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy reaffirms its public pledge to the highest standard of public accountability.

Furthermore, the Department assures all Saint Lucians that this particular road-markings project and all public infrastructural works it undertakes are done above aboard.

Corruption and bribery are not part of our Mordus Operandi. 

Senior Management of the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy will officially write to the offending media station and encourages broadcasters to fact check and confirm information with its Communications Unit prior to airing, as we continue to enjoy a wonderful relationship with the local media. 

The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy is working for you and with the best interest of all Saint Lucians at heart. 


    • hONKEY TONK WOMAN, You can’t read a simple press release,what does slp have to do with that? This was directed to a well known CREOLE media personality formaking incorrect, malicious, misleading statements. please remove the yellow lassey in your eyes

  1. finally an “Invitation to Bid” for a contract. this is definitely not the norm(if you have information enlighten me and correct me if i’m wrong), it just had to be King to do it though as the rest just appear to be on their own vibe(making their paper).

  2. Jermaine, are you part of the 43% of blind supporters? Juke Bois the liar said it.

  3. I believe King is an honest person although a bit on the soft side. The other guy, I can’t say the same thing about him. There are indeed a couple politicians on both sides who are clean…a select few. St. Lucia, a sunny place for shady politicians.

  4. Talking about painting the roads. In some areas, the white paint is already fading. What are they using? Maybe water mixed with Phillips milk of magnesia.

  5. Mr. King, if it was not for the creole announcer, we would not have known all these facts from you, be it true or false!

  6. I have no issue with how the contract was awarded especially noting that it was won by a recognized labor party supporter in the person of Rayneau Gajadhar.

    I will however comment on the VERY POOR quality of the works being executed. Almost every making isn’t straight and is smudged. These guys look lost and amateurish…

    • David, where do you live. Since late 2016 Rayneau turn flambeau. You mean you not aware that Guy is now his top partner. Or are you just masking something.

    • Treber on you you think you playing that cheap trick. You are so embarrassed by your boy Guy that you looking for company for him. Then you make the wrong pick. You should try Allen, Dominic, Gale, Jimmy Henry, and Hilaire.

  7. Youpa, you totally missed my point or should I say deliberately ignored it.

    The point is that the quality of work being executed is very poor and below standard. The ministry should seek redress from the contractor!

  8. King’s own colleagues are attacking him now, they realize if they lose in 2021. King is poised to take back leadership of the UWP. Politics is a very dirty game

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