King Concerned Over Road Fatalities

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Transport Minister Stephenson King has expressed concern over the spate of road accidents in Saint Lucia and the resulting fatalities.

So far for the year, fourteen people have lost their lives due to road accidents, the most recent being Kurlan Martial of Desruisseaux.

Martial succumbed after a car ran off the main road and hit a concrete wall at Anse Ger, Desruisseaux on Saturday night.

“I am very concerned about the increasing numbers of road fatalities in this country,” Minister King told reporters on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting on Monday.

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King, also responsible for Infrastructure, explained that his Ministry has been doing its best to educate Saint Lucians.

However, the Castries North MP acknowledged that there’s a need to do more.

“From the physical side, if you notice ever since my entry into the Ministry you have seen a tremendous improvement in crash barriers throughout the Island,” King observed.

And he said the Ministry is continuing to buy crash barriers for various locations.

The Minister also called attention to an improvement in street signs and markings.

“We are doing all of this, but I still believe there’s room for improvement. We need to be a little more proactive so that, on the part of the Ministry of Infrastructure we are continuing to do. However, I also believe that we need to at least appeal to motorists who use the roads but who so recklessly drive those roads and cause all of those fatalities,” King stated.

“I believe the public is becoming very agitated about this situation and they have every reason to be agitated,” King told reporters.

He explained that part of the response would be to look at some roads that seem to create an appetite for motorists who want to speed.

In this regard, he mentioned the Vigie stretch, currently under construction.

“ I believe as soon as it is finished we will put some speed bumps,” King said.

“Regardless of what the public says, it is not intended to be a race track. It has been used as a race track over the years on Sunday evenings et cetera, and the residents in the community have complained and I am very furious about it and so we will reduce this to the road, though a stretch, but certainly, with impediments to temper the traffic, he told reporters.

In addition, King said he would soon be meeting with the Transport Board.

He said the board has a part in agreeing to road instruments to manage traffic.

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  1. If u all change the law an make them pay when they commit an offence due to dangerous driving it would stop a bit . Ie loose your licence for a period of time and also a fine an to get your licence back u have to do a safe awareness course. The drivers dnt stop, they dnt respect the speed limits an that is were the government can make alot of money for the country.

  2. The vaccinated people cognitive skills have been degraded and they are losing focus on the road. More accidents are coming.

  3. Had it been a WHITE ma who said this, you all blacks will agree with him but as it is a black man all you will degrade him slaves mentality

    • Desmond, I support you Rick Wayne once said St. Lucia is an island of jackasses. I prove that today. Corruption is the motto of Uwp

      • You can listen to Rick Wayne call us blatant jackasses worse than Chas did, however our own black party will remain concerned with no solutions for the next four years.

  4. One of the best way to curb lawlessness is enforcement of laws. Hold people liable and deal with punishment quickly. All these barriers are being damage at the tax payers expense. Government keeps wasting money on repairs that last for a few months until another vehicle plunged through a barrier again. The laws are there but the people we put in positions to deal with these things are not doing it. People are not indicating when turning left or right. They reverse off a main road. I learnt that when reversing you have no right of way so any accidents you are automatically wrong. Do these new drivers know defensive driving? Or they just copy others bad driving and just follow.

  5. The Concerned People’s Party – lol. Quite appropriate. Driver education is warranted, plus enforcement of the laws. We need a change in behaviour, speed bumps don’t accomplish this. If persons are held financially responsible or there’s the chance that their licenses can be suspended or revoked, that may bring about the required change.

  6. Mr King has not listened to the voices of the “Driving Schools Association” (I cannot recall their true name) who have ADVOCATED to the Ministry AND the insurance companies to use the “MERIT/CREDIT SYSTEM”, to the point where – when they reach the cap for demerits, their driver’s licence is taken away. Crash barriers, signs and speed bumps are weak deterrents – more drastic deterrents are needed!! Including implementing the laws! Speedsters are criminals controlling lethal weapons!! Treat them as such.

  7. There is a need for some traffic management road traffic education, improved signage traffic signals ,speed restictors ,traffic police visibility.. enforce traffic regulations and laws enforce penalties for breach .. points bans,fines

    • I sat at a traffic management symposium over 25 years ago where those recommendations were made. We are really a society of the more things change the more they remain the same or even go backwards.

  8. That blue whale sans honte wiii. There is no good side of the road anymore. So is weh pou chewou. As anonymous said “… you lazy toad.”

  9. A bunch of jokers in high places why concern about them when people like you go and disturb the devil..Pay the devil so that we can have peace..

    • A number of years ago I listened to this political circus performer called king when he delivered a speech.
      At first I was taken in by the verbiage, the well tuned accepted words, the delivery until after 15 mins I realized – mate has not said a damn thing. He was just regurgitated well worn phrases and terminology but the essence of his speech was NOTHING.
      This sums up his political career. Nothing but a veneer that if you pushed it , it just fell over like a cardboard frame.
      Like a snake he has always had the ability to slither into any opening that presents itself even as he accomplishes nothing of significance. Which is how he became the most unfortunate Prime Minuster in our history.
      A pathetic bitter little man with nothing to offer our suffering citizens.

  10. King you are a failure. Failure as a PM and failure as a minister. Clean the road signs that have moss on them. Trim over hanging branches that block signs. Replace broken signs and rusty signs. There are not much road signs in the city. Wear and tear. Try maintaining the road markings and signage on island you lazy toad.

  11. Are you trying to get the Soufriere speed bump in the Guinness Book of Records? It’s unmarked and same colour as the rest of the road. Unsuspecting motorists are having their vehicles underbodies ripped. The bump has been like that for quite some time. The road takes you to some of the fun places in Soufriere.
    Why put another speed bump on the highway? It will make traffic even slower. The police need to get radar and make much needed money. This is how it’s done everywhere else. Stop the mass punishment and shallow thinking.


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