King Confirms That Bus Fare Hike Will Take Effect As Scheduled

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Transport Minister Stephenson King has given the assurance amid concerns by the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) that a bus fare hike will take effect on July 1.

King spoke to reporters Tuesday on the sidelines of a meeting of parliament.

“We gave them an undertaking for July 1 and certainly we’ll keep that date,” the Castries North MP and former Prime Minister explained.

Earlier this month, NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand told St Lucia Times that the organisation was not hearing from the authorities regarding the fare adjustment but hoped they were doing what was necessary to meet the July 1 implementation date.

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Ferdinand’s remarks came against the backdrop of the most recent fuel hike.

It saw the cost of gasoline increase from $3.51 to $3.95 a litre or $15.95 to $17.95 a gallon.

On the other hand, diesel rose from $3.65 to $3.95per litre or $16.58 to $17.95 per gallon.

Asserting that bus operators did not anticipate such a price surge, Ferdinand said the NCOPT hoped to have another meeting with the government to determine how to ‘ride the wave’ of fuel hikes.

The Transport Minister was not opposed to continuing engagements, welcoming them as an opportunity to hear from bus operators and explain the challenges the authorities face.

“It is what the country can afford, what the country can absorb, what the people can absorb. We have to have a conscience in what we are doing,” King told reporters.

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  1. Ensure that every bus is fitted with a proper itinerary showing the new prices, with either a government logo or stamp from the ministry or ncopt. That way commuters will know the amount they have to pay. Because them bus drivers will use that to their advantage to give their own figures. And fix you’ll old buses. I sat down on the seat of a bus today and I nearly pass through it.

  2. who the **** raising my salary yall increasing every thing assholes that ungrateful acting as if we have to give them a sale on the road ****king government need to take control over the bus system pay all them fellas 1500 a month put them on a shift that way they dont have toworry about route band cost and gas and they will be making the same salary like all of us

  3. A new direction ?……what direction ?….one driven by lies and deceit. Look where it has us now. This wont last though its almost a year since and its been a real mess so far.

  4. Which is the corrupt government now? spending $1million investigating wrongs in the last government, at the same time raising bus fares on a people struggling to make two ends meet. How about reducing the tax on the gas instead and leave the bus fare alone. I don’t know what you had against Chastanet? the u.w.p. members thought he would be a better p.m.; that made you very vindictive, it shows hate bearing in your heart. You are not p.m. material niether is the one from which you accepted the higher bidder(your own words)the same one from whom you accepted that slap in the face. One advise, why not all ministers take a 25% pay cut and stread the savings to help pay for the brand new St. Jude Hospital, the one you and the D Baron are holding up because of your’ll petty vindictiveness, saying he is a white man etc etc but the judgement of the Lord will be unforgiving; Steve you know well, as a S.D.A. and the one who is the minister for Ecclesiastical affairs.

  5. one thing i telling you king does not take bus eh is big jeep he does drive and trust me the gas prices dont affect him

  6. people say there are alot of things to blame right now for these increases . what i want to know is when things start to drop like for instance the cost in a barrel of oil will the other things like this increase for bus drivers will drop as well. What i notice is when things raise people call for increase but when the prices go down the increase staying the same

  7. Thats why you dont leave what you see for what you havent seen yet. King has always been wicked along with this government. In this critical time, why raise bus fares. Its seems that only the busdrivers are important. What about our children, how are their parents going to send them to school with bus fare hike. Thé previous government would never have done that to us. Crime will increase because there will be more drop outs.

  8. Apparently those that are benefiting are the people. Those who have businesses are the people. Government are bending for the businesses. The workers who are the slaves are not people. Government pick and choose who are people. If you not getting nothing you are not people. You are either an animal or a thing. Simple. Putting People First but who are the people one might ask?

  9. I hope the fares for children under 10 and children in uniforms remain the same… There has to be balance after all every one feeling the squeeze not just bus drivers

  10. When will our people stand up against the in justice that is being done to them no salary increase for years poor S&s China Town staff and all the other that ate taken advantage of when it comes to a satisfactory wage.
    King you really have heart that’s how you putting the poor people first.

    • Our people did stand up….They went to the polls and elected a new Government to drive them in a new direction. Simple!!

      • A new direction ?……what direction ?….one driven by lies and deceit. Look where it has us now. This wont last though its almost a year since and its been a real mess so far.


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