Wednesday, October 16, 2019

King Defends His Credibility

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Stephenson King has been defending his credibility in the face of accusations that his silence amid criticism of the current PM, is tantamount to an endorsement of Allen Chastanet’s policies.

In response to assertions that this would affect his credibility and his political capital, King told reporters Tuesday that he is very much aware of his credibility.

“I am doing what I think is right,” the Castries North MP asserted.

“Certainly, you need not be worried,” he told the reporters outside parliament.

King disclosed that he will be running again in the next elections.

“Once the people request me to do it, I will do it as long as my health is in order – and my health is in fine shape,” he stated.

“I am ready to run with you,” he joked with reporters.

King won the Castries North seat by a massive margin, obtaining 3,774 votes to the 1,482 of the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s  John Charlery in the last general elections in June 2016.




  1. Obviously King has become a very skillfull politician. He is now a master of spin. That may be a good thing for him but not the country. To be cribible he has to take a stand, speak out and grow some balls for the countrie’s sake.

  2. Sorry to say that King will always remain silent. He’s part of a group that pledge alligence to submit to their master Allen Chastanet. So whether he likes it or not he has no choice than to remain silent. If, he ever criticise or condem Allen behavior, he knows that he’ll definitely get the boots. They are men and women when it comes to certain things but to Allen they’re a bunch of House Slaves, the wip is always on their backs, get a beating and remain silent.

  3. you yellow hacks was giving even more pressure than this during 2011-2016. Now your party in power can’t handle a little pressure smh lol

  4. King lost the little credibility he had when he, as PM allowed the Haitian performer to jump him. Pappy Show . These guys are self- centered . To them, politics is a game they play to fill their pockets.

  5. Shame politics has become so screwed up.You cant discent with our representatives even in comunity meetings.The moment you stand up,and question something that has been said.You are atacked,and called a sabotager or traitor.You dont stand a chance.And the sad part is that all our politicians are a bunch of ill prepared politicians.They have no knoledge of technical issues,and no tactical knoledge of integrating with people.They are there for the benefits and the gains,.The country and the people can fence for themselves,I need to make sure I can acumulate as most wealth as posible while it lasts


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