Wednesday, August 17, 2022

King Does Not Rule Out Serving In A Coalition Administration

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Castries North MP, Stephenson King, has not ruled out the possibility of serving in a coalition government should he retain his seat at the next general elections on July 26.

King, a long serving member of the United Workers Party (UWP) which is currently in government, has declared himself an independent candidate.

Asked at a news conference Monday about his future political options as an elected MP, he observed that in politics there are opportunities for coalitions, alliances and accommodations.

While making it clear that he has no intention of joining the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which is yet to announce a candidate for Castries North, King declared that there are ‘good men’ on both sides.

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“Whereas the contamination within the United Workers Party may be concentrated on two individuals, maybe three, there are good men in the United Workers Party and in the labour party,” he explained.

“And if I believe a coalition can be formed with the good men on both sides, I will venture to bring that coalition together,” he told reporters.

“If I believe that the labour party can present to me their philosophy and their politics that meets my intentions, my vision, my commitment to the people of the country, there’s probably room for conversation,” King stated.

He asserted that at the end of the day what he is moving forward to is to build a movement and collaboration of decency, honesty, goodwill, commitment and most of all, patriotism.

“I have not ruled out the possibility of a coalition. In any country there’s always room for working together with each other and I said it – men of goodwill, men of decency and that can come in different ways,” the Castries North MP declared.

“At the end of the day I would like to return to my people and say ‘Listen, the election is over, there seems to be a deadlock, I have been offered an opportunity, what do you think?'” King explained.

“But this will not stop the mission. This will not stop the crusade – the crusade to bring a new style of politics and to throw out the old,” he said.

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