King Indicates UWP MPs Could Cross The Floor After Elections

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Castries North MP, Stephenson King, has painted a picture of disquiet within the Allen Chastanet administration and has indicated that after the elections, elected MPs of the current ruling United Workers Party (UWP) could ‘cross the floor’.

Speaking of some current cabinet members, King said in the corridors and in private conversations they articulate their concerns.

“They tell you of their frustration, they tell you of ‘Boy, this cannot continue. It cannot be business as usual etc.’ They all complain,” the former UWP leader turned Independent Candidate stated.

King told The Lunch Room host, Calixte George Jr. that those who do not complain are ‘stifling from inside.’

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“If I am to go by what some have said to me in recent times, if anything were to happen after the election and a UWP government, a United Workers Party probably would have had a situation where some may very well cross the floor – if I am to go by some of what has been said. Now, it may not be to that extent when you speak to them, it may be just shifting their support from the leader to someone else because they lament the fact of that kind of situation,” he explained.

King also said he was seeing the influence of money in the current election campaign, asserting that it sprang into action once he announced  last week that he was not going to participate in the polls under the banner of the UWP.

“In Castries North for example, there’s every effort being put in place to spend money one way or the other to pay persons who were formerly supporters of mine, who were activists of mine to buy them out in a big way,” the former Prime Minister said.

The Castries North MP said he knows of at least three individuals who have told him that they are getting a better deal ‘on the other side’ and thought they should consider the offer.

But King asserted that he is not prepared to go for the highest bidder.

“I go for conscience – I go for conviction,” he declared.

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