King Issues Strong Warning To Employers Over Labour Law Violations

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Labour Minister Stephenson King has issued a strong warning to Saint Lucia employers, declaring that they will face the full brunt of the law for violating the Island’s labour code.

King told reporters Tuesday that there will be zero tolerance for such actions.

“Any employer who violates¬† or abuses the section of the labour code dealing with severance pay to dismiss workers or to make workers redundant under the guise of restructuring or repositioning responsibilities will be dealt the full brunt of the law,” the minister declared.

“I make no excuse whatsoever – any organisation, any company that violates the labour code, the section that deals with severance and redundancy,” King asserted.

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He said he wanted to reassure the public, especially workers, that there is hope within the Labour Department.

King recalled that in recent times the government has started restructuring and strengthening the department.

“In fact, in the coming weeks we are likely to have an additional four or five new labour officers,” the minister disclosed.

He described the new Labour Commissioner as being ‘very aggressive in what she is doing’.

“We have been able to clear a number of cases which have been pending for some time and to the satisfaction of workers,” King recalled.

He said he has participated in a number of mediation exercises and ruled in favour of workers , “mitigating the movement from conciliation or mediation to the tribunal.’

According to King, the tribunal has also dealt with a number of cases.

“Indeed, it is a new environment which shows that there is hope and workers must place their confidence in the department, bring their matters to officers within the department – if they are not satisfied, refer it to me,” he asserted.

Headline photo caption: Stephenson King speaks with reporters outside parliament on November 24, 2020

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