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Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am

King Offers To Mediate If Tensions Exist Between PM And Media

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Stephenson King has offered to mediate if tensions exist between current Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and the media.

“If that tension is existing I would love to act as a mediator and intervene to bring the media and the Prime Minister together,” King declared.

He said he does not believe that in a system of democracy there is need for any tension.

“I would hope that’s not the case,” the Castries North MP told reporters outside parliament Tuesday.

However he expressed the view that there must be cordiality, mutual respect and understanding and an appreciation that the media have a role to play in having the alternative viewpoint and extract that viewpoint from the politicians, whether in government or the opposition.

King was responding to a reporter’s question about the Prime Minister’s continued stand of ignoring one particular journalist and the kind of example the PM was setting in acting in that manner.



  1. It’s a good feeling to know that he wants to go in that direction and be a mediator. However, let’s not forget that the Prime Minister, said that he will not listen, so I presumed that his efforts will be in vain. Secondly, they’ve all submitted to him, so whatever he says goes. The Prime Ministers’ behavior is pure arrogance and an attempt to shun the media. As head of state and a leader, any citizen has a right to stop and question you about the affairs of the Country. I will not agree for someone to question you about your personal business, however, Country wise you are oblige to respond and don’t let arrogance prevail.

  2. Remember the main knock against Kenny Anthony was his arrogance? Can anyone say there has ever been a more arrogant Prime Minister of Saint Lucia than the current one?

  3. The prime Minister of Saint Lucia is nothing more than a elected servant of our beautiful country where politics is concerned. He needs to exercise tactfulness and humility at all times.
    The media is a critical part of any democracy and should be regarded and viewed as a intricate source of information to the people and also a meaning source for truth searching and findings where news is concerned.
    Mr. Prime Minister, you ought to respect and appreciate the responsibilities that comes with being a leader of this great country.
    Leaders do not fight or disrespect the media. They embrace such access and work with it.
    The country and its agendas is base on unselfishness and not egotistical selfishness.
    All the best in being a more improved and visionary leader.
    You are by a long shot the unsuited and incapable leader the world has ever seen.

  4. Our prime minister had a mental diarrhear,when he was asked a question that he could not answer.Thats all guys,he allways has this cow dunk mental lapsus.when under presure.

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