King predicts June 27th elections!

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Stephenson King, has predicted that general elections will be held on June 27th.

King made the prediction last night.

He was addressing supporters of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), at a public meeting on the William Peter Boulevard.

He urged party faithful to be prepared.

The former Prime Minister said the UWP will ensure that everything is done to return this country to a state of progress and development.

He stated that he had heard about all kinds of statistics in relation to unemployment.

“I have heard that unemployment is improving,” King told party supporters.

However he recalled that when the UWP was in government and unemployment was between nineteen and twenty percent, the then opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) wanted to “crucify” the UWP administration.

“They wanted to lynch us and if they had the opportunity, they would have dissolved us,” the Castries North MP declared.

He observed that currently, unemployment is at about twenty-four to twenty-five percent.

“You should lynch them and tell them to answer,” Stephenson King told the crowd.

King said there was need for a government of compassion.

He disclosed that currently, foreign companies operating here are being allowed work permits for construction workers and labourers.

The former Saint Lucia Prime Minister explained that as a result, over three hundred foreign nationals have been allowed to come here to occupy positions that Saint Lucians should have.

Stephenson King recalled that when he was Minister of Labour, the Landings and Le Paradis were under construction.

He recounted that when he saw the number of work permits that were being applied for, he said he needed justification for the applications.

King told UWP supporters that he was informed that Saint Lucia did not have the quality of workers and the skills needed.

The former Prime Minister said his response was that for every two foreign nationals that were brought here, three locals would have to be trained to take their jobs after a while.

He said over a period of time the locals were so skilled, talented and intelligent, that in a short space of time they were able to do the job better than the foreign nationals.

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