Wednesday, August 10, 2022

King & Queen Of the Bands FREE This Monday

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 This year’s highly anticipated King & Queen of the Bands competition is now free to the public.

King and Queen of the bands is a staple on the carnival calendar, and one of the greatest displays of creativity, revelry, and splendour for Saint Lucia Carnival.

 A total of eighteen (18) costumes will be on display for the nights show from Island Tribe, Xuvo Carnival, Fuzion Mas, Tribe Of Twel, Just 4 Fun, Insomeil, and Phoenix Carnival Bands.

The power packed show includes a stellar side attraction with the first appearance of the Derek Yarde Project (DYP) for the season, alongside Groovy and Power Soca Monarchs Ricky T and Fross and other top artistes from Saint Lucia including Teddyson John, Arthur Allain, Shemmy J, Sedale, Subance, Ezra Da FunMachine, Ti Blacks, Prada and Umpa.

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Persons who had already purchased tickets for King and Queen of the Bands will receive cash refunds at the gate.

Source: Carnival Planning and Management Committee. Headline photo: Stock image. 

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  1. So much effort into ensuring our people ” jump up” and have a good time. Where are the salary increases? Where are the workshops so that our young people especially the men can gain meaningful experience leading to certification and gainful employment. To the men falling short to criminal activity and ending up in jail, where are the positive endings for these men? Why not use the land that we seem to live mainly on the outskirts of to farm and provide food for the nation and themselves. Aren’t we aiming for food security? I guess not “our” food but the products made in labs with plenty of chemicals and preservatives. Our national security at air and sea ports need reworking, Where are the leaders to enforce such change? Time and time again it is the same people coming into political power an producing results similar to the previous. We claim we are tired of crime but we don’t seem to be putting in the efforts where it counts… May the creator be with us because the times to come are dark and gloomy.

  2. After reading what this is all about, ‘creativity, revelry and splendour’ then I realized how easy it is to be fooled, blind folded from the truth. Was the Minister Elected to push this or was he not to do that which is right for the people in his constituency? that Constituency needs a whole lot of work, mostly the roads are a mess; the people of Foux-A-Choud, Bannan and La Toc need work, they need to be lifted up from the dump; after your second term in office, is the Baccanal & Carnival the best you have to offer? beside the scandal of the ‘Land Rover’ what else have you done apart from jump up Carnival??? revelry, splendour, noise, nakedness, all of this the work of Satan. You are being Judged by the God of Heaven.

  3. Lack of interest? That’s what happens when you alienate 70% of your consumer base. Played mas every year for over a decade. The moment they came with this vaxx mas rubbish, I was out. Not going back in. I voting with my money. Maybe if y’all charge people like Merle Clarke according to size and weight y’all can make up for the losses.


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