King Raises Possibility Of Government Public Transportation At ‘Specific Hours’

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On the issue of government involvement in providing public transportation, Transport Minister Stephenson King has pointed to a Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) study in Saint Lucia and Grenada.

“We are hoping that the study will not only inform on issues of the mechanism for computing bus fares but also will look at public transportation in a broader sense where government may wish to participate,” King told reporters on Monday.

By way of example, he disclosed that one of the ideas he shared was the possibility of the government providing public transportation at specific hours.

“Those hours that are not reliable at this time, to allow for commute within the general population and to ensure economic activity at least at nights,” the former Prime Minister explained.

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The Castries North MP spoke ahead of a meeting Tuesday with bus drivers who want a fare increase.

The meeting comes against the backdrop of the latest price hike for fuel.

Effective Monday, Saint Lucians began paying more for gasoline, diesel, and LPG.

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  1. Government can start on a small scale in certain parts of the island. Start with a few large buses serving the northern part of the island because of the flatness. However, there is a huge cost to government.

  2. I think if the government bring public transportation here, it is a great idea. I am tired of all these busdrivers especially Godfrey Ferdinand whose always begging. Ive seen public buses in Barbadoes and it is awesome. Its time to get rid of those busdivers who do not pay NIS or taxes or contribute to the economic growth of this country. Let them find another job to do. They too greedy as if only them that affected.

    • i think they actually do pay taxes it actually comes in the form of like their annual route band fee or what ever it is also their licenses and also they use gasoline and diesel more than anyone at one time so all that is considered a tax but i see where you are coming from. all bus stands should have some fee from all owners of operating route bands at the end of the month for a specific tax or NIS

  3. Will this ever happen in our generation and those to come. King trying his best to stay popular but that is a record, for those who were born in the 20th century, that is stuck, so it keeps playing the same line over and over.

  4. “… government involvement in providing public transportation …”
    This is over 50+ overdue!!
    Good luck to this administration for introducing and implementing “public transportation” – long overdue.
    I sincerely hope they know what they are in for: disciplined administration, vehicular maintenance (very important), defensive driving skills … and the list goes on.

  5. everytime bus fares about to increase, there is talk about government public transport. Choops. We all know it will be just as bad if it ever comes to pass. Let’s look at entities government have their paws in. Remember how garbage lucelec used to be. Look at them now. No more government intervention. now compare to wasco. Then look at NHC. Then tapion vs public hospital.

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