Wednesday, October 5, 2022

King Responds To Minibus Drivers’ Passenger Load Concerns

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Transport Minister Stephenson King, indicating that he was aware of a desire by minibus drivers for an increase in the current passenger loads, told reporters Monday that he would be updating the cabinet on the matter.

On Friday, the President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand, told St Lucia Times that bus operators were frustrated after the latest COVID-19 protocols made no mention of increasing the passenger load from the current ten to at least 13.

However, the Transport Minister noted that the protocol for the public transport sector is established through the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and the COVID-19 Management Centre.

“I think the average capacity of a bus is about 14 but we will look at it in a very holistic and objective manner and I am hoping we later today we can make an announcement,” the Minister stated.

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King also addressed the NCOPT’s recent assertion that amid rising prices everywhere, bus operators have not had a fare increase in about a decade.

According to the council, consumers can afford to pay more for water, electricity, airline tickets, and items at supermarkets and hardware stores but balk at increased bus fares.

In this regard, Minister King declared that everyone wants an increase, including workers.

“I am sure you want an increase in your salary. But is it possible? “ He told reporters.

“The thing about it is we have got to look at it and there must be signs to granting increases. We must be satisfied that the general public can themselves afford it. It is not only the minibuses that are going through hard times. A lot of people who are going through hard times. There are people who just do not have an income – they don’t have a job and they have absolutely no means of being able to have an income,” the former Prime Minister observed.

“When the time comes we will consider the increase,” King said.

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  1. The Bus Drives have Never Transport 10Passengers .Their Buses always hàve 15Passengers onboard .They don’t Deserve Nothing from The Ministry

  2. The bus drivers are carrying more than 12 passengers. I have proof of that. Some of them have full load. Thats a fact. Godfrey Ferdinand needs to back off and speak to his drivers before making false remarks.

  3. massy inrease price of everything. …no outcry! the buses that taking yol to massy want to inrease the price but negativity and disapproval all over! i find we lucians discriminate profusely against bus drivers. Then again this bus system is very very very strange…private run buses cannot do as they please because govt supprts them financially yet they dont pay income tax. This model is legendary!

    • Everything increasing or wants to increase but salaries.. How will we survive.. what’s the point of working if we will only work for bus fare and food

  4. Bus fares need to be kept at a minimum. It is unfortunate that essential public transportation is in the hands of private investors. Buses should be allowed to transport at maximum capacity. However, masking should be mandatory.

  5. You can fool some people not all youths open y’all eyes chas had construction booming lots of ghetto yuts was working SLP stop all the projects, now out of a job everything is increasing what you expect that’s why crime will never stop.

  6. King Kong I totally agree that everyone needs an increase and it is possible when I see how Helaire and his sissy gang are traveling the world

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