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Updated on July 5, 2020 12:46 pm
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King Says Jailhouse Demolition Did Not Have His Input

Former Prime Minister Stephenson King has told reporters here that the demolition of the former jailhouse in Castries did not have his input.

The Castries North MP is also Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour.

“It was a matter which resided in the Prime Minister’s office,” King said of the demolition of the Royal Gaol.

The Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) has been up in arms over the affair, declaring that the Allen Chastanet administration reneged on a legally binding agreement.

But Chastanet has asserted that the agreement allowed the government to act unilaterally.

Stephenson King told reporters that the Ministry of Infrastructure was merely asked to supervise the activity at the site of the Royal Gaol.

“We were not involved and it really was not a project under our direction,” he explained.



  1. A man with no balls at all. Imagine him as P.M. he would bend at whatever
    the political wind blows. Damn it, that junk yard Jail had to go, and what excuses
    is that, it was not under his ministry – man, grow some balls for a change.

  2. Kenny should have thrown a few dynamite sticks there 20 years ago. As a former prison Officer the dark history of this place should not be repeated…NEVER.

    • moses wen the children of Israel constantly disobeyed God did he dynamite the place?? wen url officers abuse the public do they dynamite the place??? wen url beating prisoners do they dynamite the place??? NONSENSE……

  3. I do not understand King’s comments. You are part of the administration, so what!!! Useless man, you should have just kept your mouth closed, and that would have served a better purpose. You are showing again and again , how spineless you are. Wow am not surprised, but ashamed. Ahah

  4. King, this is not news. Everybody knows the PM does as he likes with little to no input from any of your’ll and you guys just follow like sheep.

  5. If He Could have had Wykliff Jean to Jump over Him at a Show .There’s Nothing He will not Do or say

  6. King you never had any BALLS. You are a disgrace to this country. You should be shunned by every right thinking St.Lucian. This Disrespectful Allen Chastenet has called St. Lucians Barking Dogs, Jack Asses Mendekins, Allen is a Racist HONKEY. HE NEVER LIKED BLACK PEOPLE. HE IS NOT A DAM ST.LUCIANS TO THAT RACIST

  7. Like I’ve said chastnent is not Lucian …no regards to history of st.lucia …. Can’t even speak Creole . he cut funding to the stnt …

  8. King you are an idiot you are as guilty as all the rest maybe your friend the contractor Gabus ex asociate,the same one you gave the contract to fix the Daher building in Bois Orange years ago,with what purpose.We dont forget,its all written on papper

  9. King knows everything that’s going on with his government . common king don’t try to exclude yourself . this building on was one of a few throughout the Caribbean which withstood the test of time . …seen many hurricanes and earthquakes . all those responsible should be held accountable . this is history . disappointed with Mary Isaacs for agreeing with guy joseph , another uneducated one with no credentials .

  10. I sense trouble brewing in the UWP camp now that the heavy roller has started his diesel engine and he is on a collision course with Chas. Now the engine has begun smoking and where there is smoke there is fire. Tanto tanto.

    If the National Trust were so interested in saving the building, they would have done something about it a long time ago. The Bordelais Correctional facility opened since 2003. So why didn’t they do something from then? For 17 years this building has been standing there empty. So what’s their point now? I believe this to be a political move.

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