King Says State Of Emergency Not ‘Overkill’

Former Prime Minister Stephenson King believes that although some people may think that a declaration of a state of emergency here constitutes ‘overkill’, it was necessary to keep people in line.

The former Prime Minister spoke to reporters outside parliament Tuesday, where the house approved the state of emergency.

The measure grants the Allen Chastanet administration broad powers to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Stephenson King made reference to the disobedience to authority by Saint Lucians, especially recently.

He also spoke of their actions that suggest that it’s business as usual, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic and frenzied efforts by developed countries like the UK and the United States to contain the spread of the disease.

“I believe at this time we need to take all measures and to a great extent tighten those measures to ensure that our people are safe,” King asserted.

“Whereas in the view of many it may seem to be overkill by introducing a state of emergency, but it’s probably necessary so as to keep people in line and to understand that we are speaking about serious business,” the Castries North MP explained.

He declared that the situation was a matter of life and death.

King told reporters that everyone knows the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the resources of developed countries in the world, far less on Saint Lucia.


  1. Hi Steve, very good that you seem to have found your voice again. Seems that you have taken yourself out of the isolation that Chas and Guy put you. Heard you talking about workers rights (even though NWU does not like you, perhaps because you are black) and you explaining need for the State of Emergency. Keep it up as you appear to be the only person in that government connected to the people. Your silence was indeed deafening. Welcome back from isolation. Will Guy and Chas be using you again?

  2. Are we trully aware of what a state of emergency means…this is just not lip service but putting efforts into action like catering for the less fortunate…making sure they have basic essentials for the duration of the situation,yall just putting laws on ppl with no follow ups….as far as i’m concern you guys do not have a clue in curbing this virus but just following every protocol from the international world….monkey see monkey doo.

  3. I’m so happy about hearing Mr King talking about the rights of people who lost their jobs.. I lost my job too so I’m awaiting for some good news..

  4. This schitt is too serious for us to make snide political remarks like that. The time will come when
    the big guys say something to warn us, and instead we pass it as a joke. This schitt is far from being over.

  5. We havent even started Im glad King came out because many of us still dont understand what is really going on in this world and blame it on Satan and other demons.Our 43% is present really putting on a show.We need strong words strong and fast actions and a strong arm with a cow hide wip.

  6. We already don’t have a health system, can you imagine 300 people being infected? It’s not better we call “state of emergency” even with no emergency? I prefer to cry wolf! We don’t have the strength nor resources to deal with too many sick people at one time. When will we ever stop opposing for opposing sake!

  7. We Lucian like to take things as a joke just let them hear how many death and how many infected u will see how they behaving their self

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