King Says Ubaldus Raymond Issue ‘Unfortunate’

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Stephenson King, has described the situation with Doctor Ubaldus Raymond as unfortunate.

” I cannot account for Mr. Ubaldus Raymond’s behaviour or his actions,” King told reporters Tuesday.

“I think it is an unfortunate situation,and as I said earlier, the Prime Minister appoints cabinet ministers based on their integrity, their ability, their capability of performance and their commitment to national service and national development,” he explained.

“At that point when such a member is compromised, it is for the Prime Minister to review his decision and  determine whether that member can continue to serve,” King, who currently serves as Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour in the Allen Chastanet led administration stated.

But he noted that there is a responsibility on the part of the member to determine ‘Am I fit to continue?’

“That is the conscious decision to be made as to his ability to continue,” King told reporters.

In an unexpected twist to the Doctor Ubaldus Raymond saga, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, after earlier telling reporters Tuesday that he had no comment on news reports that Raymond had resigned as Public Service Minister and a government Senator, later declared during the same interview that the reports were incorrect.

Multiple sources, quoted by several news outlets, had since Friday reported that Raymond had quit after portions of audio recordings of sometimes salacious conversations between a man and a woman with a Trinidadian accent, were posted on social media.

It is widely believed that the man is Raymond, who has been linked to nude photo scandal in the past.

On the recording, the male discusses matters pertaining to civil servants and recent industrial action here by teachers, asserting that civil servants are very lazy.


  1. Smh what does Ubaldus have on Allen… what secrets are Ubaldus holding that he can act is such a disgraceful disrespectful manner and face no consequences? Shame shame shame …

  2. The present governing administration is morally bankrupt. All of you ministers sat in Cabinet and remained stoically silent about Mr. Raymond’s morally reprehensible behavior. This man literally preyed on two young female interns who were barely legal. Great riddance!! Next to go is the entire Chastanet-led administration . The bunch is just a permanent stain on the country’s image and a bad example for the youthful population.

  3. Mr King he really made a mess,he forgot his role as a public person,not once but twice,He has a mental short circuit,he will have to live with this embarrasment to himself and his wife and children,And this he will never be able to forget,neither will the people of this country.

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