King says UWP will deal with VAT

Former Prime Minister, Stephenson King, has declared that the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) will deal with Value Added Tax (VAT).

The party had promised during the last election campaign to eventually remove the measure.

King, who reclaimed his Castries North seat by a huge margin in the last elections, acknowledged that the UWP has made promises to the electorate.

“We have said to you that we will do certain things; we said we will deal with the VAT and we will deal with the VAT,” he told a victory rally last night in Micoud North.

King said that he was committed to working with the political leader of the UWP, Allen Chastanet and the party team to deal with the problems Saint Lucia is faced with, including VAT.

He told the audience that already rumours were being spread about infighting within the UWP.

But he asserted that as long as he is within the party, there will be no infighting because the political group is committed to serving the people of this country.

“The mandate which you have given us, we cannot squander,” the former Prime Minister stated.

He said the mandate given to the UWP says to the party to go out and work with and in the interest of people of Saint Lucia.

King expressed thanks to the people of his Castries North Constituency, whom he observed had come out with a vengeance on the day of the general elections.

“They said that there was no one who can come in King Country and hope to win any election,” he told the massive crowd.

The former Saint Lucia Prime Minister said not only had his constituents set a record of a margin of victory of 2,292 votes, but also a record of the biggest margin ever in the history of Saint Lucia.

King acknowledged that people tend to lose hope very quickly.

But he said that tomorrow he starts the process of building on their hopes.

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, will then officially announce the composition of the new cabinet of ministers.

King disclosed that his philosophy is that if one wins by one hundred votes, the next time around the margin must be two hundred.