King Speaks On Non-Appointment Of New Labour Commissioner

Labour Minister Stephenson King has indicated that he is at a loss to understand why there is concern over the non-appointment of a new  Labour Commissioner.

“I am not too sure what the concern is. There is an Acting Labour Commissioner – the Acting Labour Commissioner is the Deputy Labour Commissioner who has now moved into the position of Acting Labour Commissioner,” King explained.

He said a Labour Commissioner cannot be appointed unless the person who currently holds the position exhausts his pre-retirement leave.

The Minister asserted that people need to understand the system.

It was explained that when the current Labour Commissioner, Ray Narcisse, exhausts his pre-retirement leave and concludes his service, only then a successor can be appointed.

King dismissed suggestions that the current situation has resulted in certain documents not being signed.

“I am not aware of that. It has not been drawn to my attention. If it is drawn to the public domain then I guess the public domain can assist them, but it has not been drawn to my attention and there is no such thing as documents cannot be signed,” he declared.

According to King, once there is someone ‘in the seat’ whether acing, officer in charge or otherwise, all documents  can be signed.

“There are documents to be signed by the minister – the minister signs; by the permanent secretary; the permanent secretary signs and of course – the acting Labour Commissioner.

Labour Commissioner Ray Narcisse proceeded on pre-retirement leave in January 2019 which will end on September 24, 2019.




  1. Yes people need to learn and understand the system. Unfortunately some people know the system very well but deliberately give wrong information. Malice and wickedness are at the heart of their thinking.People must stop being wicked. The apparent pleasure some people get when they see someone hurting is abnormal and counter-produvtive too. Too many of our people like it. They should stop it or seek someone to help them.

  2. King you have been a dismal failure for private sector workers you have Guardsman security exploiting workers earning 4;25 cents working 12 hour shifts at the Owen King hospital why don’t you implement a minimum wage rate in St Lucia to curb poverty and crime as far as I am concern that labour department has been a disservice to the people of St Lucia King in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth you will pay for it you own a share in Secure St Lucia so you will not implement a wage rate its people like you the criminals have to go after


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