Wednesday, August 10, 2022

King Urges Cooperation Amid Rectification Of Bus Fare Discrepancies

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Transport Minister Stephenson King wants all parties to cooperate while the government rectifies discrepancies in a statutory instrument enacting new bus fares.

The hike in fares went into effect on July 4.

But shortly afterward, the President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand, told St Lucia Times that there were errors in the published rates.

He explained that in some instances, when the official new rate should have been $1.50, the published fee was $1.57, while in other cases, instead of $1.75, the published fare was $2.00.

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In Ferdinand’s estimation, most bus operators would work with commuters, but he admitted that some would see the situation as an opportunity to engage in price gouging.

He also acknowledged that ‘some troublesome passengers’ would create problems.

The Transport Minister, for his part, appealed to the public and bus operators to cooperate and hoped that the rank and file of the NCOPT would reflect the honesty and sincerity of the organisation’s President, who identified areas that needed attention.

Speaking to HTS News on Friday, Stephenson King also said he felt commuters had been ‘quite gracious’ in understanding that the last bus fare increase was in 2008.

“The 2013 proposal was never met with, and the fact that we have decided to introduce the last recommendation of the committee that was appointed then, they appreciate the fact that it has been a long time in coming,” the former Prime Minister said regarding commuters.

” I think generally there is a good atmosphere, a good mood, a good feeling,” the Castries North MP asserted.


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  1. They don’t care about the people of this country first of all seriously why urll put some much money for passport give us 10 years an increase the price same 5 years for some much more money thing just start happening if we as the people of ST.LUCIA can’t put heads together to stand against this nonsense that is going on in this country

    • Everything I have said is showing it’s face gradually. King is lazy, slow, always late, a real nonentity. A 2013 proposal had to have him delay the increase from Friday 1st to Monday 4th and still with so many errors. He spoke about that increase from February and kept pushing it back. Don’t tell me it’s the public servants to blame, because King is their head and should see to it that these lists should have been in the public domain at least 2 weeks before implementation. That’s how useless a minster that nitwit is. In less trying times in St Lucia government gave rebates to bus drivers to cushion the effects on the commuters. Why wasn’t the same done in such an economic hardship period. I know some will quickly say the government has no money, but Helaire and his backpack crew could have millions more than the rebate would cost government to do nonsense on the road. NOTHING SWEETER THAN THAT.

  2. Man please be quiet. We are sick and tired of you and your oppressive SLP government. We kindly ask the SLP government, King and Fredricks to be cooperative in stepping down and letting another party lead Saint Lucia. You all are leading destroying livelihoods and leading the country to an economic collapse.

  3. A well deserve salarie for all employees covers everything !
    😢 Since our father died we are in great anguish of the 💔 heart.
    They have VIOLATED the labour code,and hand over the employees to foreigners and we have become their footstool.
    When the wicked perish, their memories, hâte 😈and jealousy are gone.
    But the memories of good people are always be remembered, good memories last forever, though they are gone, but will be always remembers
    f❤️rever :
    Late Sir Bruce Williams,Sir Allan Louisy and may be others.

  4. King people are not upset or saying that the bus drivers should not get an increase. Majority are really saying it should not come off the commuters pockets especially at this difficult time. Majority of the people who use buses are low paid workers. We should not be paying for this increase. It should be government. If you desperately want to raise the bus fare why don’t you give vouchers or give the bus drivers a monthly allowance until gas prices go down or the economy start improving. You are just pushing the vulnerable further into poverty.


  5. This issue is still ongoing and has not been rectified? How long to rectified this? Anyway this is what happens when you distribute the list late. This should have been distributed to the drivers 1 week or 2weeks in advance so that it would be reviewed and commuters would familiarize themselves with the new price before July 4. Thursday for Friday like it is a secret and then comes the big reveal. Someone should get fired for this. Lazy job.


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