Wednesday, October 5, 2022

King Urges Improved Debate, Feels Some House Sessions Turn People Off

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Former Prime Minister Stephenson King has asserted that the standard of some debates in the House of Assembly causes people not to want to follow the sittings of parliament.

“The quality of debate sometimes really puts people off and rather than listen people just move on their merry way because they believe it is not bringing any value to the discussion or to the national debate ,” King observed.

” I believe that probably we as politicians need to up the debate even though there is the little what you call picong and the banter that takes place which brings in the flavor that the people would like,” King stated on Wednesday.

The Castries North MP was a guest on the Choice Television programme ‘State Of The Nation’ hosted by Calixte George Jr.

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He explained that if politicians can create the right balance that would sustain interest and not result in a boring debate, many more people would listen to parliament sessions.

King said he proved it in his contribution to the parliamentary debate this week when he highlighted the significance of a motion by Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and at the same time pointed out ridiculous jabs made at the government regarding food prices and victimisation.

“In so doing then came the kind of banter that emanated and the jabs that were extended and is is amazing how it inflamed, how it sort of just radiated and the excitement it brought about and people were on fire, on my phone. All that was being said ‘Well, what did you eat today? What did they do to me?'” He recalled.

King pointed to the closure of Radio Saint Lucia, declaring that there’s a need to have a voice of the nation airing the people’s business.

“That is the time when we realise that there is a void,” he expressed, notwithstanding the presence of other media outlets that do their job well.

King ditched the United Workers Party (UWP), which he once led to run as an independent in the July 26, 2021, general elections.

And on retaining his Castries North seat, he accepted an invitation to serve as a Senior Minister in the current Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) cabinet after the party’s landslide victory at the polls.

This week, in parliament, King took several swipes at opposition leader Allen Chastanet, under whom he served when Chastanet was Prime Minister.

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  1. My opinion
    The labour party has always been the more disgusting side. From Julian Hunt it has just gotten worse. Kenny came and holds a record for walking out of parliament. Stephenson had never displayed that type of behavior even when he was disrespected by the members of the labour party. Now I guess he has no choice . Where is Mario Michelle? Robert Lewis? These two I can’t remember being really noisy. I stand corrected.
    Now Mr King examine your self your conscience look at where you are standing and answer the questions you know you should be asking yourself. You held on to your seat for all these years. Now you making the people of your constituency feel like you were a fake face.

  2. I stopped watching these house seatings about 10 years ago. My neighbors too have stopped. These people look like a bunch of dogs barking at one another. King you looked like a big red ,angry dog at the last seating. Low life.

  3. I am disgusted by it honestly…stop acting like little boys and girls and be professional… I am even disappointed in Kenson bcuz he already start going down the same road… leave that for the market steps choops! We need an entirely new caliber of politicians in this country…I was hoping to see some changes with the young ones coming in but I guess that’s wishful thinking

  4. He is directly responsible for the dramatic decline in the quality of discussions in the House of Parliament. This man is so disgustingly dishonest.

  5. I think King should apologize to the ppl of this country. He have no respect in the house of parliament. How can we ask the youth to stop crime and hatred in graphically portrayed in the house sitting. That’s such an embarrassment on his part. Stop hating Chastenet because he is human just like you. Lets be an example to the youths of this nation.

  6. Now I see why a STATESMAN like Dr. Kenny Anthony somehow resist the temptation to sit with these half axx persons in that government. I, even I wouldn’t debase myself.

  7. Stephanie is such a liar. I visited the Ministry of Infrastructure 3 times to ask Stephanie for a contract. I was never able to see him. No security would let me get close, much less to tell her about feeding my children and putting food on my table. I never saw her and she never saw any of the common man. I went to my representative in Dennery to ask for a contract. He gave me and 4 other youth from the constituency a letter to take to Stephanie. I was still not even able to give her that letter. I called my rep and he said he would call Stephanie. Eventually, one Mr. Louis come outside and took the letter. Up to now, I never got any contract. Stephanie was only giving contracts to Shawn because Shawn was getting afraid for Thera Polius because she was gaining ground. I now understand why Stephanie was giving SLP representives all the contracts.

  8. What the hell is this man trying to say. King go out on your bra pls. You have never been so loud, not even when you were pm and rf was your right hand boy. But now you have a microphone mouth… I hope it never die out because when it come crumbling down on you I want to hear what happen loud and clear

  9. Now see who is talking, the Queen has found his voice. Was it ever as loud and noisy before? All Parliament sittings to be effective sometimes must turn up the volume, have you not watched the U.K.? I guess you were pissed off when Chas pulled the Rug from under you, and you never forgave him, damn it my boy ‘grow up’ such is life in the world of politics. Why do you think I stayed the hell out of this game. It is only for Losers, crooks and suckers, one or two worthy men – why do you think Dr. Kenny Anthony want nothing to do with that Cabal – its only for losers, crooks and a Tyrant. Enjoy it while it last, enjoy the high bidder funds and what Chas gave you to run.Remember that song? “I’ll be glad when you all gone, you sucker you” Poor St. Lucia needs a lot of prayer to reach the Almighty.

  10. So grateful for your Cabot move, Thank YOU, for keeping beach access to the reef in Cas En Bas and saving historic landmark beach trees as well. Please check into access to donkey beach and secret beach. Also please focus on Wasco support for the North precisely because oF Cabot!

  11. Minister please go take a look back at what you said in the house…the quality of your debate was disgusting no respect for st lucians and by you coming out with this statement make it worse…you guy’s have a personal vendetta against chas and we the people and country is paying for it.

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