Thursday, November 21, 2019

Knife Toting Ciceron Man Arrested, Charged

A Ciceron man who was caught in possession of  knife Monday, was arrested and charged by the City Police.

The police have identified him as Joachim Joseph, 30.

According to a law enforcement official, Joseph had a knife in his trousers when he was stopped and searched on Jn Baptiste Street, Castries.

He is alleged to have told the arresting officer that he was carrying the weapon for ‘self defence.’

Joseph was granted bail and was due to attend court in Gros Islet.

The City Police recently launched a major crackdown on crime in the capital, resulting in several persons being arrested and charged for various offences.



  1. Those city police have been doing a great job taking control of the city thanks guys bout time they get fire arms proud of you guys

  2. For Self Defence et ou kai arress ti ma my
    Thats over doing it . if he told you the reason foe having one then let him slide wit a caution instead of fockng arun wit civi-lions time

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