Kristian Lawrence Proudly Represents Saint Lucia At Guadeloupe Singing Challenge

Press Release:- St. Lucia, we are wholeheartedly proud to announce that Kristian Lawrence took home the second-place award, three hundred Euros, and the Mc Donald’s best  performance award for his participation, at the 14th edition of the High School Singing  Challenge hosted in Guadeloupe.

Fifteen-year-old Kristian Lawrence is currently a student at the St Mary’s College and the St. Lucia School Music.

 This music and  songbird legend in the making has continued to do his utmost at representing St. Lucia at several events.
On Saturday, April 20th at the Paul Chonchon Sports Hall in Point-a  Pitre Guadeloupe, Kristian proudly embraced the judges and the crowd with an amazing performance of great vocal ability and emotion.
His presence and performance on stage was one of remembrance as it was described by many in the crowd.
Kristian performed the song “I Will Never Love Again” by the renowned Lady Gaga, after performing a brief introduction of a traditional Creole song.
The High School Singing Challenge is an event organized and funded by the Caribbean
Synergy Organization of Guadeloupe.
The High School Singing Challenge provides students between ages 16 to 19 with a platform and opportunity, to display their singing talents at a regional level.
 Apart from providing students across the Caribbean with this initiative, the organizers of this event also emphasize on providing participants with an educational experience of cultural exchange, vocal, and music skill development.
This valued opportunity and experience was provided to Kristian with the help of Marilyn Henville who is the liaison and talent search representative for St Lucia, and Yanica Henville who provides sponsorship to St. Lucian Candidates regarding the Defi Lyceens competition.
In preparation of this event, Kristian got the opportunity to sharpen his performance and vocal skills with the respected help of the eminent Linda Chocolate Berthier.
 Kristian momentously appreciates the support and help of his mother Cheryll Ann Charles, the public, his friends, family members, organizers of the event, and his support team. This major achievement was not just an opportunity to showcase St. Lucia’s young talent in a French territory but has opened doors of many opportunities.
A total of 11 participants took part in this edition of the Defi Lyceens competition, the represented islands included Puerto Rico, Haiti, St. Vincent, French Guyana, St. Martin, Suriname, St. Lucia, and four candidates from Guadeloupe.
Kristian shared this awarding accomplishment with the first prize winner Ydriss Bonalair from Guadeloupe, and third prize winner Myah St Preux from Haiti.


  1. Congratulations Kristian!! You have what it takes to be an international star. I have watched you performed at many events from the time you joined SMA in 2015.
    I have watched you improved over the years and know that you will continue to Strive to be the best.


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