Wednesday, August 10, 2022

La Toc Stabbing Victim Succumbs

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Stabbing victim Elijah Thomas, 54, of La Toc, Castries, succumbed to his injuries on Saturday, police say.

Elijah was the brother of Constant Thomas, 49, of La Toc Road, whose bullet-riddled body and that of Bexon resident Samantha Eugene, 34, were discovered last month at La Toc road by residents who reported hearing the sound of gunshots earlier.

Elijah was stabbed at the time and conveyed to the intensive care unit of the OKEU Hospital and later died.

Saint Lucia has recorded 17 homicides for the year.

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  1. You read properly because I never said that wasn’t his brother. I would know since they’re both my brothers smh. I said his name his age and the shooting had incorrect information. Telling me about reading and you didn’t read nor comprehend properly yourself.

  2. His name is Elisha he was 53 and there were no bullet riddled bodies. They were shot once. Please speak to the families to get the accurate information. It’s hard enough on us far less seeing inaccurate information about our loved ones

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