Laborie Farmer Dies Of Suspected Suicide

A Laborie farmer is dead as a result of a suspected suicide early Sunday morning.

A relative identified the deceased as Mc Kenis Bertin, 41, also known as ‘Cashie‘.

The relative told St Lucia Times that Bertin had in the past talked about taking his own life and had even attempted to do so  last year when he consumed a corrosive substance, but survived.

But Sunday morning his body was found hanging in a greenhouse near the family home, it was reported.

Body of deceased being carried away

According to information, a rope that was used to tie a dog was found around his neck.

A family member recalled having spoken to the deceased on many occasions, but disclosed that Bertin would always indicate that he had no problems and everything was alright.



  1. The suicidal don’t want or need petty. Petty is a selfish emotion that people use to feel better about themselves. What the depressed and suicidal need is help that sometimes can only come from a professional trained to understand the condition.

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