Laborie Group Assists Primary Schools In the Community

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Press Release:- On Thursday June 25, 2020 The Laborie Economic and Employment Forum (LEEF) presented a total of sixteen (16) Amazon Fire Tablets to four (4) primary schools in the Laborie district, to facilitate their COVID induced and accelerated online education programs.

The beneficiary schools were the Augier Combined School, Banse-La Grace Combined, Laborie Boys Primary and Laborie Girls Primary.

This contribution was made possible through the generous support of UK national, Mr. Colin Serlin. Mr Serlin is a frequent visitor to Saint Lucia and has established a very strong relationship with LEEF.

LEEF has also facilitated other initiatives in the district of Laborie, with the support of Mr. Serlin, the most notable being the provision of training in Information Technology (IT) to over 40  young persons in Laborie, a program spearheaded by founding and immediate past chairman, Mr. Damascus Francois.

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According to the Chairman of LEEF, Mr. Thomas Leonce, “the provision of tablets to these schools will provide much needed support to many students, who thus far, have had to share devices with several family members in order to keep up with their online tuition.

There still remains, many students who have not been able to gain access to the necessary equipment to facilitate their learning”.

The principals of the selected learning institutions have been very generous in expressing their appreciation to LEEF for this initiative.

According to one of the principals, “the focus for distribution will be to students who either have no tablets at their disposal or have had to share with a large number of school aged siblings in the same household”.

The support of LEEF in Laborie also extended outside of the education sector. Several vendors associated with FESTEN LABOWI have received financial support occasioned by the stoppage of this very popular monthly activity where they plied their trade.

The non-staging of FESTEN LABOWI, as a result of the advent of COVID 19, has created a heightened degree of hardship for the vendors, some of whom depended solely On this activity to provide for their families.

The assistance provided to the vendors, was also enabled by the generous contribution of Mr. Colin Serlin. This contribution was augmented by the own resources of LEEF, to ensure that it was significant enough to cushion the impact of the non-staging of FESTEN LABOWI for such a long period.

The Executive of LEEF is made up of:

Thomas Leonce – Chairman

Julian Dubois – Vice Chairman

Damascus Francois – Immediate Past Chairman

Sylvie Edwards – Secretary

Berny Chiquot-Malcolm – Assistant Secretary

Anrick Walcott – Treasurer

Dana Louisy – Assistant Treasurer

Darence Paul – Public Relations Officer

Yannick Thomas – Vendors Representative

Ulric Alphonse – Trustee

LEEF intends to continue its engagements in the Laborie community, and has set its sights on developing agriculture and agro processing related projects in the community in the coming months.

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