Lady Compton ‘Impressed’ With Jeremiah Norbert, Cites Stephenson King’s ‘Courage’

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Lady Janice Compton, the widow of late Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, has told Choice Television that she is ‘very impressed’ with Jeremiah Norbert, who is the Micoud North candidate for the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) in this country’s July 26 general elections.

And she told Choice News Now that her late husband would have admired the courage of Castries North MP, Stephenson King, who after many years as a member of the United Workers Party (UWP), declared himself an independent candidate in the upcoming poll.

’I think it has to happen at some stage,” Lady Compton asserted as she recalled that  King served as Prime Minister and was  replaced by Allen Chastanet.

“Obviously he was hurt at the time but he still came back and helped the party to win. But  immediately after that he was sidelined – his ministry was reduced, most of it was given to Guy Joseph and he was humiliated and demeaned but he stayed, until he couldn’t stay anymore and I think all of us who are true UWPs who have lived with the party for 40 – 50 years like myself, are distressed at the way the party has gone,” she explained.

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“There comes a time when you have to stand up and do something and it took a lot of courage because you know that the backlash is  going to be rough,” Lady Compton stated.

In regard to Jeremiah Norbert, Lady Compton said he comes from a UWP family who ‘ couldn’t handle it anymore’.

“Jeremiah wants to  make a contribution to his constituency and the present representation has been really very poor,” the widow of the late Sir John declared.

” I think John Compton would have been very happy to see a young man like Jeremiah who has been  through so much in the last few months and he might have given up after his accident and went through so much, but he never paused, he still  maintained this thing of wanting the represent the people of Micoud and he remains in his constituency,” she observed, adding that Norbert had remained with the people and not moved.

“Sad as I would be to see Micoud North lost  because of my husband, you know, the heritage and everything, but there  comes a time when you stand for what is right and the present United Workers Party has failed this country – I am very sorry to have to be saying this. For me, it’s truly distressing but I also know  that John Compton would be distressed as I am,” Lady Compton stated.

She said she thinks it is important that ‘real UWPs, the John Compton UWPs ‘understand what is going on in this country

“On the 26th,  I am asking that you think long and hard about what you vote for,” Lady Compton said.

Headline photo:(L to R) Lady Janice Compton, Stephenson King and Jeremiah Norbert

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