Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Law & Order: Chastanet Says SLP Government Started On The Wrong Foot

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In discussing the current law and order situation in Saint Lucia, former Saint Lucia prime minister Allen Chastanet said that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which came to power after July 26, 2021, general elections, started on the wrong foot.

“This government started out on the wrong foot. In coming into government the first thing they did is they expunged the records of persons from COVID and that was a slap in the face for the police,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader told reporters.

After taking up office, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre announced that people arrested, charged, and convicted for COVID-19 protocol breaches would have their records expunged.

“These are police officers who put their life at risk contracting COVID. People were already agitated – we saw confinement caused that level of public agitation and had to be able to find a way to be able enforce,” Chastanet explained.

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“People questioned why we put those things in place. We put them in place because of the number of people who suffered from diabetes and hypertension and the elderly. COVID was their greatest threat and without being vaccinated the only thing you could do is protect them until we could stengthen the country to coexist with COVID,” the former Prime Minister stated.

“So these police officers put their lives at risk – dismiss the cases. Then you had an individual who was working as a Communications Officer for the Ministry of Infrastructure who on his personal time publicly threatened to kill a person. We allowed that to be dismissed. There was no reprimand, nothing was wrong,” Chastanet asserted.

“You take a person who went into a church and physically threatened a person. That person is now made the Minister of Ecclastiastical Affairs. Did it have to be him among fifteen other people? What message do you think you are sending? ”

Chastanet also mentioned ‘Rovergate’, the situation with the economic fund, and the change from curfew to confinement, asserting that there is a pattern of behaviour since the SLP took office, which he believes causes people to question authority.

In addition, he expressed the view that people with ‘questionable backgrounds’ have been made government ministers with no explanation.

Nevertheless, Chastanet said everyone now needs to surround and support the police.

“I want to say publicly, that we have the greatest amount of confidence in the police. Do they do everything right? No. But persons who are willing to make that kind of sacrifice for us deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt. It’s what we have and if we don’t have law and order in this country, we have nothing,” he declared.

“And I think right now all of us need to come out and show solidarity and to tell these criminals that our police officers are not target practice for them and that we won’t tolerate it,” he stated.

The Micoud South MP spoke following Saturday’s fatal shooting of off-duty police officer Nathan Timaitre and the wounding of his colleague at Bocage, Castries.

Noting that criminals have been so brazen to kill an officer and celebrate the death and threaten more, Chastanet said it was a threat against law enforcement and gainst the entire society.


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  1. The answer is that we all start to learn that anytime a country turns their back on God, we in trouble. Things just start getting worst if we do not turn back to God and change from our wicked and selfish ways, we must learn to love again.

  2. Bull speed backwards Lucian’s with their eye’s full of political lassi. BLAME YOURSELVES!!! While you all trying to point the finger at a politician and name calling it is clear the level of ignorance is the fuel for the perpetuation of this high crime environment. Who are the real Jack asses? YOU!!!! BLAME YOURSELF!

    • Governments do play a big role in how the country is being operated and impacts what happens in it Mr. Low IQ

  3. @Same Guy the F@*% truth hurts and you can’t handle it ……stop your paid praise of Allen Chastanet as he was the best thing that happen to St Lucia since 1979, his history/story will not be rewritten by you so give it up. He FAILED to deliver on crime, He FAILED to deliver on the economy, He FAILED on healthcare, He was just A BIG FAILURE. St Lucia is a step closer to becoming a criminal state due to the last five years (FACT) of FAILURE to implemented ANYTHING to address crime, so lawlessness and criminality has become even more prevalent, he was MORE CONSUMED with mimicking his idol Donald Trump and delivering marriage prosperity instead of addressing the number two quality life issue facing St Lucians CRIME. His cabinet was built on sand of criminality and abusers, and you know what they say about building on sand.

    • You sound angry and you talk like a loser. At this point I do not support party. The election is over and the people have spoken. I just want a safe st.Lucia. I am a drowning man – catch on to a straw. It does not matter who gives the advice. We should accept it and see how we make mama Helen Happy.

      Right now we live in a cemetery. Only the criminals have their freedom to kill. We the good citizens have no freedom to live. St. Lucia is just a place to die and yet clowns like you are stuck in the past. Try to live in the present and address the situation at hand

  4. This is not a time for “tug of war” of political parties. All ST Lucians need to place their boots on the ground in a united effort to curb those hostilities that end in deaths on the islands. The polices’ immediate goal should be to confiscate all illegal weapon and all we have to do is to let cops know who possess them. That first step will save a lot of lives since the gun is the deadliest killer. The police need to make it easy and safe for the public to share incriminating information against criminals. They can set up drop boxes in all government municipalities and public places to receive tips on criminals where no names are needed and all tips and info treated seriously.

  5. This Yellow Jackass AGAIN . Boy some people have NO SHAME. Imagine for five dam years you said NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT CRIME but today you are educated on crime in St Lucia……you had the WORST Minister of national security EVER so far in St Lucia s History. Crime flourished under your Raine of Terror. So what I would like to know if The SLP started on the “wrong foot” what footing did The United Worthless Party started on ??

    • The Honorable Lucian Highgrade —– Stop acting like you talk. I am tired of reading the very first thing that comes out of your mouth. Try to have some filter and connect your brain to your tongue so you can atleast say something that makes sense one day. You are worst than a broken cassette. Election is over and the campaign season is beyond us. We should not act like UWP or SLP—We are all Lucians. Our country is in a crisis and any word of advice is more than welcome.

      Stop your nonsense and start to accept criticism so you can learn from it.

  6. After hearing of the death of this Policeman by the hands of, you name it, St. Lucians, I was in grief. So we have (3) three distinct societies in St. Lucia today; the good, the bad and the indifferent. The first three commentators here shows you the depth of ignorance, this Island has fallen into; the IQ=Zero. The racism, hatred, Political divide, ignorance is something to be ashamed of. The mix with the proliferation of Guns and deadly ammunitions, the death and wounding of two police Officers is not an invitation for investors and developers or Tourism. Don’t tell me, that a man who walked into a Church, threatened another, is now made a Minister of Ecclastiastical Affairs, paid by Tax payers funds, another, whoever that maybe, with questionable background be made a Minister? Brother, I was once a Card carrying member of the original St. Lucia Labour Party, alongside with George F. L. Charles, Oleo Jn Baptist, Herman Collymore, etc. etc. I never thought in my wildest dreams, St. Lucia could drop so low. Truly I am in grief and in deep sorrow.
    KENNY, KENNY, KENNY where are you? St. Lucia needs you now – WAKE UP,MAN. I plead for the Almighty to do something for St. Lucia now, before it is too late. Police, you know who the criminals are and where the hide at – GO GET THEM.

    • The absolute shame of it that Allen Chastanet would dare to talk about questionable characters in government when he embrace his own corruptive cronies without impunity, they could not even travel out of this country to address or drum up investments for the county but we’re assigned important portfolio.

  7. Anarchist, stop being a fool. Face the issue that is at hand. Chastanet is correct in all that he has said. He is not the problem we now have. Find solutions and stop spreading nonsense. It wont get us anywhere. Do you have any ideas?

    • Bro Anarchist said that to @The Crow referencing how he uses that line to make Chastanet look irrelevant now but that was past and this “Kenny can’t, but I will” crap is way overdue. The SLP hacks that keep saying this nonsense now.

  8. Preach it!! I blame the SLP for the crime wave!!! Certainly! Monkey see. Monkey do. They have engaged in a pattern of lawlessness and appointed corrupt persons to the highest office in the land. when will st lucians have the brain cells to understand that actions have consequences. why would criminals behave themselves when they see that under the SLP it pays to be a criminal? What type of message are you sending to the country as the leadership of that country? Nada, zilch, none. You all just start to see crime. These dirty fellas bamboozle you all. why you lucians go and vote for criminal minds enmasse I dunno.

    • What’s wrong with this jacka55? All mate talking is share! Wasn’t it this guy who promised to be the law and order man? I concur with the Anarchist, it was he who said “if Kenny couldn’t, I will” but he was a dismal failure. And now he coming and talk share! Man fade into oblivion!

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