Thirty-six locals have been deported to Saint Lucia since the beginning of this year, the Head of the Immigration Department, Assistant Superintendent, Sean Alexander, has disclosed.

Alexander explained that the countries that expelled the Saint Lucians included the United States, Martinique and England.

He disclosed that the deportations were in respect of a number of offences such as illegal entry, possession of drugs, going to Martinique with invalid insurance documents and overstaying the allotted time granted.

According to the Immigration official, local authorities are usually alerted when Saint Lucians are being deported from places like the United States, the UK and Canada.

He said the information provided includes the date of arrival and flight details.

Alexander noted that on arrival here, the deportees are interviewed by immigration officials and members of the police Special Branch.

He said the deportees are then monitored for some time, in cases where they had a criminal conviction.

In regard to Saint Lucians who have overstayed their time in another country, the police official indicated that they are not monitored unless they were convicted of a serious criminal offence in the country from which they were deported.

Alexander said that the intention is to ensure that the deportees are not engaging in criminal activities upon their return to Saint Lucia.




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  2. Here you go, a story from the St. Lucia Times AND who do you think paid for their 36 flights home to St Lucia? Not the St Lucia Government!

    Many St Lucian’s on here are complaining recently of having to send 1 mentally ill Canadian home by having to buy him a flight. geez.

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