Hermangild Francis

Press Release:-  The Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Senator the Honourable Hermangild Francis on Friday, August 31, 2018 convened a meeting with several stakeholders as a follow-up on the recommendations of the Crime Symposium held on November 24, 2017.

The vast bank of information garnered at the Crime Symposium, the Minister indicated, will continue to serve as a national compass on the way forward in the prevention, reduction and punishment of crime.  

“As I had promised the nation, the crime symposium held last year was not intended to be a “talk shop”. Continuity is very much on my agenda. Friday’s meeting was well attended. We had about fourteen different stakeholder – organizations present and they were selected directly from their participation in the Crime Symposium. At this meeting it was proposed that a National Security Council be created, to be chaired by the prime minister and co – chaired by the Minister responsible for Home Affairs and National Security. This of course has to be taken to another level of discussion involving the Prime Minister among other persons. I believe that will be facilitated as soon as possible”.

The Minister underscored that the meeting of stakeholders comprised several over-arching themes.

“Our talking points included a consensus that a national security plan was definitely needed. We looked at “Safe Spaces” which is a concept that was introduced by Dr. Stephen King, parenting programmes and a national strategy to deal with alcohol and marijuana legislation.”

Minister Francis also noted that in response to many issues raised at the Crime Symposium 2017, concrete initiatives are in the making and shall be shared with the public in due course.


  1. After almost one year since the symposium on crime was convened, nothing much, if anything, has been done. The recent spike in murders has created an urgency to do something to prevent disquiet of the citizenry. This grossly incompetent, arrogant minister is just a dead weight. He should be replaced with immediate effect. Nothing good will happen under his shepherd ship. He is fast asleep at the wheel. If left in the position of national security minister, things will rapidly deteriorate. Time for a reshuffle of Cabinet. Mr. Hermangild Francis should be shuffled out of the pack..

  2. Symposium was birth as a result of spike in crime. …. this Minister is all about talk talk talk … as crime/homicides spike again he remembers the symposium? ?? Almost a year on ?? In the interim he was busy reporting a WPC…saying he was weight… busy concern about firearm convictions. ..busy about crime in Martinique by Lucians … busy fooling the Rastafarian community about the herb … Minister haven’t u realize u have the portfolio and can actually effect changes ??? Sighhh

  3. Hermin, you were my idol when we were growing up, you were such an agile man and every thing you touch was gold, you were our gifted one. Now as minister in charge of our security, it maybe sad to say, you are a false prophet preaching with carnal knowledge, you are not you; so give it up, because now is not the time to tell us what you think we want to hear, (action is the time.) So if you love Lucia as i think you do, for Heaven sake, step down!

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