The leader of the parliamentary opposition in Saint Lucia, Philip J. Pierre, has asserted that this country must take a position on ganja,  declaring that it is an issue that can no longer be dodged.

Pierre recalled that the 2016 election manifesto for his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) declared that the party would have a commission to discuss marijuana.

He noted that the then prime minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, said Saint Lucia would go the way of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on the ganja issue.

“Now that horse has bolted – CARICOM has gone their own way,” the SLP leader explained.

He observed that Grenada, Antigua and Trinidad and Tobago have all gone their different ways.

“Saint Lucia must take a position,” Pierre told St Lucia Times.

The Castries East MP expressed the view that for a start, the criminal record should be cleared of the names of people who have been convicted for small quantities of marijuana.

Pierre  said the marijuana issue should be considered not only from the point of view of smoking the herb, but from an economic standpoint as well.

“We have to ask ourselves whether there are economic benefits to be derived from the cultivation of marijuana,” he stated.

“We have seen that in the US, marijuana is being cultivated for economic use.”

“We have to decide as a country, if not as a region, whether there is any merit in marijuana being an economic good,” the SLP leader said.

In addition, he told St Lucia Times that a decision must be made as to whether smoking  in public should be allowed, whether involving ganja or tobacco and whether it should be a criminal offence to smoke a marijuana joint in the privacy of one’s home.

“I believe that very soon, we will have to take a position,” Pierre asserted.

“I believe that where the world is going, Saint Lucia will very shortly have to be on the side of decriminalising the use of marijuana,” he said.


  1. Saint Lucia need not take any position on the Marijuana issue . Pierre is playing politics as usual with his crafty wording on the issue All those yahoo’s are the same divide and conquer. Marijuana can be a dangerous drug if not used properly. It alters the chemicals in the brain. I am not saying that a stick or a very small quantity should criminalized.

    When Colorado and a few other states passed legislation making Marijuana legal. I was on board, I was also planning to farm it myself. I became friends with two younger men and a woman, I saw first hand what Marijuana did to them. It created high level of anxiety and other subtle mental disorders.

  2. Ok mr pierre now you speaking reasonably!if u continue and they laps we just might need to re elect you coming next election…but wait chass said the same in his campaign.

  3. You were there mr piere like all else you should see what was more important than stealing land for people who does not even pay their land Lord for the spot so that the land Lord get money to pay property tax how bout that?

  4. We are so dumb and can’t see that
    The decendents of Japheth continue
    To fool hams children.
    Why do we allow them to make millions
    In California yet they force us to incarcerate our children for a stick of

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