Assistant Commissioner of Police, George Nicholas, has said that he has no knowledge that traffic police officers are under obligation to hand out 20 traffic tickets a week to get a good appraisal.

The issue was raised by a reporter Friday at a news conference.

“I am not aware that traffic officers have any quota to reach or any target,” Nicholas told the news conference Friday.

“What I can tell you is that once you drive a motor vehicle and do not conform to the rules and regulations of the road, the traffic officer – it is within their power to issue a ticket,” he stated.

Nicholas said he was not aware of any target set by anyone or any quota that the officers have to issue.

He explained that normally when a ticket is issued, there is a time frame within which to pay the fine or challenge the issuance of the ticket.

Nicholas disclosed that once a driver is asked to produce his documents and cannot do so, it is an offence.

However he explained that the officer can exercise some degree of discretion.

“One officer’s discretion may differ from another’s,” he stated.





  1. Yes there is especially for spc ask them to see the appraisal it states minimum of 20 tickets a month and one summary matter so they sending them to just get a case every month

    • They out early these days like is sales they doing. Why not focus on the moto bikes with no helmets. The even overtake you on the left. M

  2. Oh well he says it isn’t true but it’s so sad that our country has all this corruption. It’s everywhere like a plague. Destroying fair Helen. Square pegs in round holes, godmother and God father to get a job even if you ha e the best of grades and all the other criteria, sexual test, bribery, and the list goes on. Sad sad sad

  3. Police don’t do their job, it is a problem. Police do their jobs it is a problem. This country is a mess. Breaking the law is breaking the law. Don’t look the other way officers no matter how petty it seems. That is how you will get the respect of the public.

  4. We need to bring them police men and women to church, cause what I saw they did to an old man, wasn”t nice, anyways what goe’s around comes around, the last time also the police stopped me, I simply ask a little question, you know the fellas start cursing me in front my little kid,

  5. Does it really matter if there is a quota or not. You cannot get a ticket if you have not infringed the laws. Just make sure everything is ligit and legal and their quota will have no effect on you. I don’t see the fuss or even there being a story to report on.

  6. There’s a few officer that does take the law to a next lever no need to mention names…want to charge you because they give you attitude and give back attitude no one is above the law….(word)

  7. We have traffic laws in this country, just like any country; when you are not inline with the law, then you are an outlaw, so the story says, and if you are an outlaw then you are helping the traffic officers to fill whatever quota YOU DRIVERS want them to fill; You fools, always thinking negative about one another especially the police. Be a law abiding citizen and shut up! Stop oppressing the law, so that when or if you’ve been stop by a traffic police, you will have no questions to answer, so he will not reach his quota. Be smart then!

  8. I agree the law is the law and it should be upheld. However, when it comes to traffic offenses, do you know who are the biggest culprits? ” The police themselves!” Some of them park their vehicles anyhow and anywhere and check some of their vehicles to see how road worthy it is. A lot of police officers blatantly violate the traffic laws because they are police officers they get away with it. Sometime aback, I was given a ticket for barking in a no – parking area according to the officer (although there was nothing to indicate such, no sign, nothing). No sooner than I moved my vehicle up pulls another vehicle which parked in the very same spot. That was a police officer parking his private vehicle in the exact spot for which I was ticketed. Not a word , not a word, not a word, from the officer who issued me the ticket. The law should be for everyone and that includes police officers!

    • Ignorance at its finest ,if an officer is in the line of duty the law allows them to park in restricted areas .Are you also aware that there are officers who use their private vehicle on the job ?Know the laws of your country before you accuse officers of not playing fair

  9. @Hmm for your information he was not in the line of duty. I know him personally and we did talk about the matter; and you know what? He agreed with me! So who is ignorant ? Why can’t people learn to be polite to each other?

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